Jacked Up Hare's Ear

Saturday, December 13, 2014

First Tying Video In 10 Months.

For the sake of easing into it, I decided I had better start out with a rather easy pattern.  The criteria as always leaned towards a rather effective pattern which could be tied rather quickly.  The Jacked Up Hare's Ear is just that, a simple pattern variation of an already time tested fly that at times can clean up on trout like a vacuum cleaner.  It's nice to be back in the saddle again putting videos together.  Enjoy the video and happy holidays folks. 
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Monday, December 8, 2014

Fly Tying Classes, 1 Down 3 To Go

This past Saturday I hosted the first of four tying classes at my local shop,  Upcountry Services in New Hartford.   As usual things went off without a hitch (or half hitch no pun intended).  The bulk of the class focused on a handful of patterns that I would never leave home without, and that with some slight modifications in color and size, can cover a wide variety of insects.
This Weekends Haul From Class

In the class we covered eight(8) patterns,  mostly nymphs, with a couple of dry flies thrown in, that day in and day out just put fish in the net.  I was fortunate enough to have a rather enthusiastic group who held their own on the vise and asked a lot of relevant questions pertaining to each fly covered. 
Saturday's Group

By days end a couple of new class ideas came to fruition for the following season, and I think once I get through this coming Saturdays class, I will diligently be working on building a couple of fresh tying curriculum's for the new year.  Several of those in attendance had also inquired about conducting more on stream classes around a variety of topics, and after some deep discussion with Torrey and Grady, I think you will see us collectively iron out a few classes along those lines next season as well.  Once we dial in the finer details, look for some announcements here and on the Upcountry Services website and Facebook pages in the months to come. 

Lastly, I realize it has been nearly 10 months since I last shot and posted a fly tying video.  I apologize now to you all, as I plan on getting this rectified this week with hopes of launching something new while winter is upon us.  Bear with me for a few days while I try to relearn the entire process as a result of being away for so long.  I am hopeful it is just like riding a bike, but I won't really know until I kick the dust off my video camera and get things going.  I plan on bringing back those videos on a regular basis, and they will cover a wide variety of patterns as I have a bunch on tap that I want to cover.  Check back soon for some fresh material. 

Monday, November 17, 2014

Tying Class Updates

The forthcoming classes at Upcountry are all but full.  The local favorites classes are both filled as is the streamer singles class.  Right now, the articulated streamers class is the only one with any openings and I suspect this is largely in part because we have labled it as an advanced ordeal.  If you are having any reservations after reading that class curriculum, look at it this way,  I've decided to keep the class small so that we can cover things better.  I have learned from past experiences that this class in particular moves along at the pace of the weakest link, so to keep this class feasible and worth you while I have decided to keep the class to a limit of 4 participants. 

I realize the number of flies that it states we will cover is much smaller than that of the others, but in all actuality we will most likely tie 5-7 patterns.  You also have to take into consideration that these flies are like tying 2-3 in one and require some time, so don't let that intimidate you.  You do however need more than the basic level of tying skills to be in this class so do take that into consideration. I am also in the middle of working with the folks at Concord Outfitters on putting together some classes their way too, so stay tuned. 

We are in the show season my friends, however I will most likely not be at any this year.  I will miss you all there but plan on being back next year, even at some new venues.  I will leave you with whats on my mind these days..... STEEL..

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Extended Weekend Getaway.

Back for about 12 hours now from a well needed fishing excursion to the tributaries of Lake Ontario.  This trip at one time in my life was one that happened several times on a yearly basis.  Fast forward to today, and it is one that happens if I am lucky once every other year.  The icing on the cake these days when I go, is I have had the opportunity to fish with some new faces.  The older I get, the more I realize that it truly isn't about the what, how many and how big the fish are that I catch, it is more about who you share it with.  This past weekend was one of those types of weekends.   Once again, I will let a few of the photos do the talking, and yes, in the midst of all that nostalgia, we actually caught some nice fish too......

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