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Monday, July 21, 2014

Making Up For Lost Time....

Had a day to myself today, and what better way to spend it reacquainting myself with my home waters.  I guess you could say I was in serious need of a trout fix, so I put the trophy stick away for a change and opted for a numbers rig instead.  A close friend of mine was breaking my stones recently saying that I probably couldn't buy a fish on a nymph anymore as I'd rather throw a 6 inch streamer instead.   Always up for the challenge, or maybe he had me wondering if that was the case, either way I gave it a shot and fished nymphs most of the day with great success.  I guess I haven't lost my touch so to speak, but hey who cares.

In the end, I had a pretty awesome day on the water with only mild pressure to say the least.  I managed to gather a generous sampling of what the river has to offer in a variety of shapes and sizes.  One thing I will note, many of the insect reports that I have read for the river are about 50% correct, so pay attention to whats out there.   Many of today's trout fell to a variety of small to larger nymphs making for a great day overall.  I can't quite tell you exactly how I made out, but it was a bountiful day for fish, and a nice way to spend a hot July day.  Hot flies were DDT's, Micro Stones, Rock Candy's in golden, and Crane Fly Larva,  Enjoy the photos.....

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Hook Spotlight, Partridge Absolute Predator CS45

This Shovel Headed Brown was taken on an Absolute Predator tied articulated Streamer this past winter.
To hold true to my promises, I am starting out my hook spotlight with undoubtedly one of my favorites.  The Partridge Absolute Predator series of hooks is a hook that was an instant hit with me the day I laid on eyes on it.  A wide gape barbless predator hook, this particular iron will cover anything from large poppers, super sized singles, doubles and triples for pike and muskie, to some of the articulated streamers I fancy for trout.  The size range for this Ad Swier design is wide, starting from a size 4 all the way up to a monstrous 6/0 for those true apex predators, there really isn't a hook size that isn't well represented with this fantastic hook.

On some of my local waters, barbless hooks are required, and although I am a huge fan of the Gamakatsu B10s, the need for a true barbless predator hook was fulfilled with the Absolute Predator.  The two hook styles are very similar with the major difference being that the Absolute Predator has no barb, and an offset, upturned beak.   Although the bends are a bit different, the designs are fairly similar, with the Absolute Predator having a slightly longer shank, which in some cases comes in pretty handy for some of those larger profiled patterns.   I am certain that many of you who read this are skeptical with barbless hooks for predator fish, but I can assure you of their effectiveness and fish holding properties as every pike you've seen me post was taken on this exact hook.   I like this hook so much, that most of my larger articulated trout streamers are now tied on this particular hook in place of the B10s on the front portion of the fly.
From Left to right, 6/0, 4/0, 2/0, 1, and 2, the spool is for scale.

When incorporating tungsten cones or other large items to add weight to some of my weighted streamers, the barbless design makes it very easy to slide these items onto the hook where as on other models this task can be very problematic as they get hung up on the barb.  The black nickel straight eye design makes the Absolute Predator hook a very versatile streamer hook that can accommodate a variety of streamer styles without sacrificing gap.  Plus, the barbless design makes it easier to remove from any of my appendages if I inadvertently stick myself on the stream. 

This hook is now in a mass production  run, and all sizes will be available very shortly.  Keep your eyes peeled if you are looking for a true, wide gap predator hook, this one is tops in my book, and in my opinion, sets the bar rather for streamer hooks.

Monday, June 9, 2014

A Good Weekend.

Maybe I'm getting crustier in my time, less tolerant of drama, I don't know what it is to be honest, but I've let go of the less important things and latched onto the "real" things in life a bit more this year.  Maybe it's cuz reality is slowly sinking in while I edge up to the doorstep of the big four-o later this year, and I am  seeing things a little more clearly.   Lately, I am less compelled  to flip through Facebook and all the drama that goes with it, wondering if what I just read on someones post has some sort of hidden message.  Humans were meant to interact with one another, and "real" human interaction is something that we seem to be throwing in the dumpster these days, opting to communicate with a keypad and tiny computer screen.  Personally, I'd  rather  pick up the phone to say hello,  or meet someone for a cup of coffee, but unfortunately the rest of society doesn't always seem to want to do the same. We've become a society that is less personal and I don't know how it happened so fast.

This weekend, this Dad got his Father's day present early, hopefully I can do this again next weekend; same time, different place with the same crew.  It was great to share the river with my girls this weekend, we saw so much in our short 5 hour window, and it was all stuff that many people these days probably have no idea exists in their own backyard.  Deer, mallards, mergansers, Canadian geese, blue herons, fly catchers, cardinals, red wing blackbirds, kingfishers, osprey, red tailed hawks, otters, variety of fish, and all kinds of other neat things I can't seem to name them all.   It was equally as nice seeing others out there enjoying what nature has to offer, rather than sitting on a bench having a conversation through a handheld computer screen.  Here's to what really matters in life, so enjoy the photos like I am while I sip my coffee and get ready to start my day.  I figured this would be a good way to get my fingers warmed up before I write in my book and head out for a cool morning run.

Monday, June 2, 2014

Fun Times.....

Although things are a bit busy at the moment, I am still managing some time on the water on a weekly basis. Memorial Day Weekend was a family weekend at the Cape for the most part, but some striper fishing was on the agenda and the fishing was fast and furious.  Although we didn't catch any keeper sized fish, we made up for it in numbers.  I went home after last weekend with shredded thumbs and a sore elbow from the festivities, things look really promising this year for the striper fishery, hopefully I get out for them again sometime soon.

This weekend was spent catching up on yard work, planting the rest of our vegetable garden and a half day of chasing apex predators, one of my favorite things to do with a fly rod.  The attitude these fish have never gets old to me, and any chance that I get to target them is a good day.  In 13 months, Mike Schmidt and I will be embarking on a trip to the great land of Alaska to hunt these fish, and the anticipation is forever building.  To cap off this outing, Danny and I were witness to one of the coolest eats that we have both laid eyes on.  As we floated over a deadfall to retrieve a bush hooking, we saw the shape of a pike below moving out from cover.  I rolled my streamer out in front of the fish and gave it a quick strip.  The pike literally bent itself into a U shape and followed behind my fly, lazily sucking it in.  We both saw the entire process and were talking about it all day.

Although they are a treat to chase out of my drift boat, I am slowly realizing that it may be time to sell the kayak I have for an upgrade.  It's time to bite the bullet and get a more fishing conducive craft that will allow me to stand up and cast when needed as the water that I frequent has so much more to offer in other stretches that are not as easily accessed, making the smaller kayak the ideal watercraft.  Looks like I will be consulting with my good friend Pat Cohen in the near future on what my options are.

On another note, I spent some time throwing a relatively simple new streamer yesterday that showed some great promise.  All of my fish were taken on this particular pattern yesterday and I think she could make the rotation.  If all goes as planned, this time next year I should be unveiling another tasty treat for you to tie, for now I gotta get back on my book and hopefully wrap up the manuscript portion of it by fall.  I was on a roll in April knocking out four chapters, but May hit me sideways and I only managed to complete a meager one.  Once I get that done its on to the step by step photos that are going to take up a lot of my free time.  Hope you all have a great summer, check back to the site often as I will be updating the top of the page with videos of patterns that are producing on our local trout streams. 

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