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Sunday, September 13, 2009

The Situation With Licenses And What's Going To Happen.

As you read in my earlier blog there is legislation on the table in our lovely state of Connecticut that will increase the fees paid by hunters and fisherman for licenses. This seems to be the growing and inevitable trend as of late due to the state of our economy. I totally understand that over time costs should and will go up, but my gripes are fairly good questions. Why are resident costs going up almost equally to that of the non-resident? Also, as we have seen in the past, the new monies generated that are supposed to go into the fish and game funds, have not always been put back into the areas where they were intended, instead being allocated to the State's general fund which is a catch all for just about anything. If the money we cough up for these licenses is going back into the fish and game program to further support these program and provide anglers and hunters with greater opportunities I for one am all for it. But if they are used elsewhere I have a real problem with this misleading tactic to generate money for the state.
If you are as concerned about this as I am, read the link below, and write the Governor to veto the bill. If you are like me and fish in several other surrounding states each year, you will also be noticing in the months to come that other states have already followed suit. New York for example increased their out of state fees 75%, which equates to an out of state season license fee of $70, and if a combo Connecticut license is going to be $50, things will start getting pretty expensive for those who enjoy the outdoors.

Bill No. 6802


The Blue language is NEW; Bracketed is deleted.

Pistol Permits: See Section(s) 309 plus Other CSP licenses- Security, Private Investigators, etc. We wonder where the inner city low income people (who probably need self-protection the most) will get the money to exercise their Constitutional right.

Hunting, Fishing, Trapping, NWCO, Taxidermy and all others: See Section(s) 438 to 462.

Note in Sec. 443 the NEW Resident Salt Water License just passed Aug 3 @ $10 will now cost thirty dollars; the nonresident marine waters fishing license Passed at $15 will now cost sixty dollars. While we’re attempting to bring juniors into the outdoor sports, check their fee increases. While the combination licenses mitigate minimally the increases fees, the cost is still outrageous.

Sec. 458 & 459: Deer Permits/Bow hunting.

The bill is over 700 pages long and was issued today (Aug 31). We thought we had negotiated a 25% increase in sporting fees throughout the session, but when bills are developed behind closed doors with little or no input the result is obvious. Expecting that sportsmen will pay these fees is optimistic. These fees are well above virtually all other states, and will prompt us to visit there. What we may be confronted with is a reduction in all aspects of wildlife management, little or no enforcement which has been the norm, and little or no recruitment. Deer are severely overpopulated through much of the state, Bears, & Coyotes are problem species, Lyme disease abounds, all of concern to hunters and we provide much of the study data. With fewer hunters expected, data and population control will diminish. Salt water fishing is severely restricted (seasons, length limit, bag take) due to Atlantic States Marine Fisheries dictates, clearly a loss of revenue there. Fresh water fishing is well and improving, but with less funding/personnel that may also decline.

It appears the Environmental Conservation Fund (EC) retained money (T- 418) and also the Boating Fund (T- 419).

Bottom line: the fee structure is outrageous and will not benefit the state, wildlife/fisheries management, or CT citizens.

The bill passed the House at 11:55 on a vote of 103-45. The Senate just convened at 12:15 and is expected to pass the bill.


Contact Governor Rell & voice your opinion. Be blunt but courteous. Urge a veto! E-Mail or Online Form

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