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Saturday, September 12, 2009

The Way I Like It.

So, once again got some time to get out and fish on my own. My main fishing partner has basically done his annual separation from water and taken to the woods as the deer season nears, and the thought of that big buck is all he is concerned about. The 20-30 mph winds on the shore took a total dump on my False Albacore trip, and I already had the day set aside so there was no way in hell I wasn’t fishing somewhere. Sick of the same old same old, I ventured out state and did some fishing on and undisclosed trout stream.
The alarm went off at 4:30, and I was on the road by 5:00 sharp. My lunch of 2 roast beef sandwiches, hot and sweet peppers, sharp Granville cheddar cheese and smoked horseradish sauce was packed and vacuum sealed the night prior, 3 dozen flies all neatly tied and in a line were waiting next to the coffee pot as they dried overnight. The drive in the dark was great, several deer seen and passed and I wondered if my buddy was seeing the same this morning as he drove to scout out his seasonal hunting spots.
So 3 cups of strong coffee later and an hour or so drive and Im stream side, streamer rod in hand throwing darts for eager browns. Let the photos depict the day, it’s nice to know that fall is around the corner. The picture above got me to thinking, especially in this time when some states are raising the fees for licenses. Is a catch and release license totally out of the question? I mean really, I don’t think it’s entirely out of the realm of possibility, especially in this time where there is an ever growing number of catch and release anglers out there. I propose the following; change the license structure to a $20 catch and release license for starters. If you want to keep fish, make it an extra $20 for a stamp to keep freshwater fish, and if you want to keep both salt and freshwater, make it a combo $30 so the top end the license could cost is $50. Sounds fair right? Why penalize the catch and release angler, if anything reward him.

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