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Saturday, September 12, 2009

What Darkness Has Brought Thus Far.

As you well know I like the darkness, and what lurks in the river at night. This year has been quite the crapshoot with the high water and loads and loads of precipitation. In between the deluges, my trusty night fishing buddy Mike and I have snuck in some good outings, in various locales. The 2 foot mark has been broken this year, and once again fish in the elusive 30-30+ inch class have been located, hooked but yet to be landed.
We’ve been accused of catching Pickerel Trout, a species we both were pretty certain doesn’t exist, but I guess a small following of Farmington Experts deems they inhabit the river. We have yet to officially identify this particular species of trout, in fact we still are not convinced they exist, kind of like the old wives tale about the Yeti, Sasquatch or Bigfoot. Maybe the pictures in the above gallery will make us forget about the elusive Pickerel Trout. Enjoy the pictures, these are only some highlights of the summer thus far. We will still be looking for that elusive Pickerel Trout, maybe you can help us find him, I was told they tend to reside next to a vibert box full of Sea Robins.............CLICK HERE TO WATCH VIDEO

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