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Friday, January 1, 2010

Simms Headwaters Streamtread Wading Boots

So I already have been beating up a pair of the felt bottomed Headwaters boots for the past 8 months. I got the streamtreads about a week ago and am equally as impressed. I think I used my headwaters boots more than any of my other wading boots mainly because they are very comfortable, spacious and very light. Having very wide feet myself, accomodating footwear is a prerequisite, and when you're standing in a river for long periods of time, foot fatigue is a reality. Having light boots can really make the difference, and was the primary reason I purchased the boots. The felt versions have gone a season and held up well, in fact the only thing that needed some work were the laces, but that's pretty customary. So, after three days of breaking the new ones in on a very difficult rocky stream in Pennsylvania, I am happy to say I'm glad the boots are here. One suggestion though, get some screw in spikes for the bottoms,cuz you'll want em. When the new simms star cleats are available I will put a pair on them, but until then, the regular studs will suffice.

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