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Sunday, January 3, 2010

Simms New Headwaters Tackle Bag

So here we are, a new year and in need of a new gear bag for my days spent on the water. So I've been using the large Drycreek Boat Bag by Simms now for 3 years, and it's beat to say the least, I mean look at it for Petes sake.

The outer zipper is shot for starters and it also has some pretty good cuts and scrapes to it from several float trips worth of abuse. I liked the bag most of the time, but to be quite honest found it got in the way more often than not and forced me to bring the kitchen sink.

Enter the Headwaters Tackle Bag.

Here she is choc full of my necessities; extra spools, reels, 6 large waterproof C&F fly boxes, 4 small C&F flyboxes, dozens of spools of tippet, 20 or so tapered leaders, 3 gargantuan bottles of floatant, extra boot laces, shot containers, pliers, polarized glasses, glass cleaner, various indicators, fly line cleaning kit, microfiber towel, damn near the kitchen sink yet in a much more compact and neater setting. The exterior is a very strong ballistic fabric that looks darn close to being bulletproof. The bottom is is waterproof, and the interior cargo area is roomy with a removeable center divider. There are pockets gallore on both the interior and exterior that can store a wide variety of necessities for any day on the water. Across the top of the bag lies a pair of rod rube straps which have stowaway magnetic straps that tuck away when not in use to eliminate catching points. There is even a small clear ziplock watertight pouch with a magnetic glider on the inside for smaller important items such as keys, cellphones or PDA's, I mean really this little bag has it all, just look at it!

And what is really appealing to me is the size of the bag, it's a relatively small bg at only 20 inches in length and a mere 11 inches tall. And, the best part about the whole thing, it has a packable rainfly to keep all of your belongings dry on those wetter occassions.

So, to say I'm very impressed is an understatement, this bag gets a two thumbs up in my book, and should fill the void in any anglers arsenal. For more about the Headwaters Tackle Bag and many other great products by Simms, check out there website at

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