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Friday, February 26, 2010

Streamers Never Get Old, And You Can Never Have Enough...

So I have permanently affixed myself to my tying bench as of late.  I somehow concocted some sort of bacterial virus after our visit at the hospital, and it has run it's course for the most part.  Started out with a 100 degree fever, chills, shakes, sweats, razor blades sore throat and all kinds of science projects in my mouth.  I think last weekend I was so messed up I spent 36 hours in bed.   
I felt really bad as I couldn't even hold my little girls until today as I have been contagious.  I was basically so ill I couldn't even tie flies, that's pretty darn hard to believe, my wife was even shocked by this.  Nothing usually keeps me away from my little quiet space in our basement, thousands of hours have been spent there over the years, and some pretty cool stuff has emerged.  Lately I have been tying in quantity and succession so it was a pleasant reprieve to be able to kick the ole heels up and have some creative fun for a change.  I think my old artistic side comes out when I get to tie under times like these, a lot of times I get an idea and run down there and try to concoct what's on my mind, other times you will find piles of half finished ideas that never panned out.

Well Needless to say I'm slowly but surely on the mend, and tying up fly orders, guide flies, and experimental concoctions as this is what I do.  So on to these new streamers that I conjured up this evening.  
I like the zonker and rabbit strips because of their inherent movement qualities is a plus, and Ive always liked the double bunny, hell I even like those new concept minnows by Fox Statler himself, so I guess a melting pot of ideas went into this  pattern.  So far I like what I see, and they looked even better in the testing tank....I have only conjured up three color schemes thus far, but by days end tomorrow I should have 6-10 killer colors schemes to work with.  The over-sized aluminum eyes by Hareline are stellar, they add realism without excessive weight, but will ensure that the hook rides point up as displayed in the pictures.  I just hope these bloody bastards prove to be as effective as they look.  Tune in mid season when I give you the lowdown from testing these lovely morsels out on my local rivers....

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Latest Read

Just came in the mail today, and is a cornucopia of competitive angling methods knowledge. If you have any questions on leader setups, rigging and positioning look no further. I give this book a two thumbs up.

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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Look what I caught!

Well as luck would have it, my lovely wife gave birth to our second daughter yesterday around 2:21 pm. Nora Dale Strolis, 6 pounds 10 ounces. I know this really has nothing to do with flyfishing, but to a proud father who flyfishes, words can't explain how blessed I truly am to have another great catch of a lifetime. First my wife Megan, then our daughter Tessa, and now baby Nora. What more could a guy ask for..

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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Finally, A Day To Fish Once Again!

 It's hard to believe that the last time I wet a line myself, was over 4 weeks ago.  Boy today was well deserved, and even though the fishing wasn't off the charts, it was pleasant as always.  This past month has been very very busy; wifes nearing the end of her pregnancy, works been nuts, the days off have seen guided trips, fly orders, presentations and all kinds of interesting new things from my daughter of almost 2 now.  It's hard to believe she's going to be 2 in a few weeks, my how time flies.   

I was taken back a bit today, headed out of local territory to one of my old haunts when I lived a bit north of Connecticut.  So Josh and I get out of the truck and we are greeted by a very nice fellow, good conversation ensues, and he says, "Hey you're that Rich Strolis guy, aren't you?"  Dumbfounded, I said, "Ya that's me".  Some gracious compliments about the tying videos ensued, and some fishing stories abounded.   Never thought I would go somewhere and be recognized, I really did'nt know how to respond at first, I kind of like to keep under the radar for the most part, but it was very nice to get some gracious compliments, thanks for the kind words, now back to fishing.

The one thing I will say, Massachusetts has their S**t together when it comes to managing a trout area.  The sign says it all, catch and release no fish or bait in possession.  When the hell is Connecticut going to get on the same page, I mean really?  Bait in a Trout Management Catch and Release Area makes no sense to me at all, but then again what do I know.   Hopefully someday we will see some changes in this particular area, some say it will never happen, I tend to disagree...
Well, the flows were a fraction of what I like them to be, but we made the trek and weren't going to turn around.  We managed a few fish, a few dropped one's too, all fish succumbed to micro midges and blue winged olive imitations.  I had planned on doing some French Style nymphing today, but due to the wind that idea went in the garbage quickly.  I realized today that I have to tie a broader spectrum of lighter weighted anchors as I had everything but the magic weight today.  Oh well, you always learn something new, sometimes at the cost of being successful.  

I did manage to stick that fairly decent sized bow in the picture, which was the icing on the cake for the day as everything including the nice weather deteriorated as the clock ticked on.  Afterwards, a robust burger and a Copper Ale topped off the day's excursion, boy, spring can't get here fast enough, well for me at least. 

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