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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The Jury Is Out, MP Bobbin Is Money!

Being a gadget junky, and a guy who likes handy tools for tying, I figured I would give the MP Bobbin Holder a try.  A steep price tag of $60 will probably deter most people at the onset of purchasing one of these neat little gadgets, but I will forewarn the thrifty, give this nifty item a fair shake before you put your wallet back in your pocket, it quite possibly is the nicest and most innovative tying tool since the onset of the tying vise.  Now, I know I know, you're probably like whatever I highly doubt it pal, that is a pretty boastful claim.  I stand by my word on this, as a person who ties a lot of flies each year anything that can speed up the process is a necessity.  The simple ease of changing a thread or other spooled material from this bobbin holder, is a split second task now.  I can tell you this, sell your old bobbins and get a couple of these as you will never want to tie with anything but this gem. 

Tying with this bobbin for the better part of 3 weeks, and well over 10 dozen flies, I can honestly say this particular tool is fantastic.  The bobbin threads very easily with a small channel to run the thread down, held in place by a small hardened wire clip, then you just pull the thread around this ring at the tip and voila, your tying.  What is even nicer is the dubbing loop feature that allows the tier to make a dubbing loop and leave it open to add material then drop the bobbin and spin the material in one fell swoop.  This feature makes dubbing loops so quick and easy allowing for efficient tying.  The construction is solid and just feels good in the hand.  Equipped with a spring thread tensioner in the center and you have a very versatile tying tool.  The only thing that I would suggest to anyone buying one of these gems, would be to add a little oil to the circular metal rings that hold the spool of thread as they will squeak a bit.  Other than that no issues.  Highly worth it, and a two thumbs up in my book.  

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