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Friday, March 12, 2010

My Epoxy Prayers Are Finally Answered......

I don't know about you, but when it comes to mixing two-part epoxy for saltwater flies, nymph wing-cases and shell-backs, streamer heads etc., I just about get sick to my stomach thinking about the mess, the waste of material and the awful smells that ensue.   Well, those ailments are a thing of the past, as I recently got my hands on this new product called Liquid Fusion.  The magic mix comes in a 2.5 ounce squeezable bottle with a pointed applicator, similar to that found on your standard sleeve of silicone caulking, only with the hole already  cut.  This solution is a clear urethane based waterproof glue that requires no mixing, dries quickly and is 100% waterproof.  I have already tried some on the wing-cases of my Shimmer Stones and I am very, very pleased with the outcome, an even more durable pattern with a quick 2 second step.  This stuff gets a two thumbs up in my book, and should be on every fly-tiers bench. 

**April 5, 2010 Update**
So I have been playing around extensively with this glue now and have found some interesting things.  First and foremost, this is solely the best coating for nymph wing-cases in my personal opinion.  For that alone, this product is superior.  Where things get a bit dicey is when you enter into the saltwater department and are looking to substitute this material for a hardened epoxy head on your streamers.  Unfortunately, this stuff won't answer your prayers as it dries flexible almost like a pliable silicone.  If you are looking to construct a semi-rigid head for your flies, then no problem, but if you are looking for a hard as a rock finish, you will be disappointed.  Just wanted to add this in there for those of you who were wondering or on the fence about buying this stuff.

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