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Monday, April 12, 2010

First Housy Float of 2010

Watching the flows like a hawk, and Josh eager to get out, we crossed our fingers and picked a day to float the river.  Figuring that things would be at a nice floatable range taking into account that hopefully we wouldn't get struck by another large batch of rain, and the recent unseasonably warm air temperatures, we figured why not, things should be full speed ahead.  Especially with the reports that Hendricksons were hatching, we figured we would take our changces.  Josh opted to make a full day of it, so we met streamside at about 8 AM.  Things looked very promising right out the gates as the air was filled with Hendrickson spinners.  Thousands of them were swarming about 15-20 above the water, and we were both eager to get the boat in and get started.  Things started out really slow, no rising fish, even when the spinner were dropping and on the water, as well as dancing stoneflies all morning and afternoon.  Nothing seemed to be interested in a streamer, so we grabbed the nymph rods and locked into a few bows.  The standard stonefly and hendrickson nymph rig was ticket throughout the day, but not a single fish touched the Hendrickson nymph.  All fish taken on nymphs fell victim to the shimmer stone, either golden or brown, even some really robust smallies as evident in the picture.  Around 3PM the smallmouth really woke up, and Josh managed a really good flurry of fish on some streamers, well I should rephrase that, a streamer.  As usual the dirt dart struck again.  As we rounded out our day, it was long and fun, but it was really upsetting to see a heavy hatch of spinners and nothing but fisherman lining the banks waiting for the fish that had no interest in rising.....

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