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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

A Weekend Out Of Town And Some Great Things To Report

Well, as usual we made the trek to our families cottages on Cape Cod this past weekend in hopes of some fun and relaxation.  Well, although we did have a good time, my wife and I are thoroughly exhausted as a result of it, her more so than I.  We came to a very abrupt realization that traveling with two kids is a monumental task,  especially when our youngest has some difficulty while in the car.  A 6 hour drive home with two screaming daughters is no picnic, but, in hindsight it was worth it as we did get to spend some quality time with family and watch our oldest run around chasing her 5 other cousins all weekend.  (priceless).
Ok, I know enough of the small talk and ooey gooey nonsense about my family and on to the fishing right?   The striper fishing is on at the Cape, albeit depending on where you go, the direction of the wind and what you are looking to get out of it, there are literally fish everywhere.  Every place we fished this weekend, beach, flat etc, produced fish.  No real monsters, I think the biggest fish landed was just over 30 inches, with countless schoolies in the 12-26 inch range, it was a success and a fun weekend.  Once again my thumbs are trashed and am not looking forward to all the tying thread I will probably ruin this week tying flies.

Day 1 on an unnamed flat was picture perfect, no wind, ya that's right you read it, not an ounce of wind, glassy conditions big tides as a result of the full moon and many fish caught.  Chris once again stole the show with his pictured catch, a solid striper that was tailing in inches of water, totally cool.  Gear update #1, really really liking my new Scott S4S 9 weight.  I will write a full review on this rod at a later date, but for all intensive purposes, this rod didn't win best in the recent Retailers show for nothing.  This rod performs at all levels, consistently going for distance at the drop of a hat, and not an un-castable pool cue preventing you from hitting that short shot on a group of chasing fish at a short range.  I have casted a bunch of saltwater rods over the years, and I can honestly say this is hands down the nicest 9 weight I have ever thrown, period.

Day 2 on the same unnamed flat was a completely different scenario, heavy southwest wind, no fish to speak of with the exception of one small schoolie and loads of anglers.  It was good exercise to say the least, but that was about it.  Chris introduced me to some new tying materials, and the Airflo Poly Leader.  I was wondering how I could stop line dump on my longer casts as a result of the large head on my Airflo 40 + Striper line.  Well the poly leader takes care of that problem as the but section is made of the same material as the clear intermediate section of the fly line giving the angler a nice even taper at the end of the line.  Bingo!  And with loops on either end, it can be taken off or put on with ease. 

Day 3, decided to fish a beach one of my favorites for that matter too, and one that changes immensely every season.  The last few years it had changed for the worse, not this season, definitely for the better. Although we didn't land big numbers we managed to see loads of big to larger fish fresh with sea lice coming up the beach making their way onto the cape.  As evident by their passengers, these fish were fresh from making their northern migration, some eager to eat, others eager to get into a summer home.   I still up to this period of time haven't landed a keeper bass mind you, but have had several schoolies.  Gear update #2, the Ross Momentum LT is working fantastic as is expected of any Ross Product.  I must say, they hit the nail on the head with this one, as this reels predecessor was an anchor in my opinion, ridiculously heavy.  This badboy as seen in the picture is machined more, and significantly lighter, with the same carbon fiber drag.  (money) 

Day 4, decided to get up early and hike out with my father to one of our favorite spots.  Dad wanted to rake clams, and I of course wanted to rip some lips.  Well I had a great morning that topped off the trip in a big way, and I managed to fish an area all by my lonesome for the most part.  3 hours, 13 bass later and 2 keepers at just over 30 and 31 inches and my weekend was complete.  Sorry for the lame photo, but a timed picture off of a stripping basket was the best I could render.  A pile of blitzes within my casting range, birds working and then my dad walking back with a full bucket of little-necks made for a great ending to a well needed get away weekend.  Sorry for the delay folks, but this months newsletter and fly promo's will be a few days late.   See you on the water soon......

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