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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Things To Come

So I've been back tying daily, stocking up for next year, the upcoming show season, presentations etc. Currently tying compara style dry flies, as evident by the attached photo. Simultaneously, I'm amassing material and a broader selection of patterns to add to the new online catalog.

A compara promotion will be forthcoming, I will most likely limit the selections to mayflies size 16 and up. I mean, let's face it, the smaller flies can be imitated much nicer with wings of snowshoe or cdc, and besides, I don't feel like tying hairwings that small, no offense. Hey if I don't fish a fly style that small, why should you right?

Some major mayfly hatches that will be available but not limited to will be slate drakes, hendricksons, march browns, cahills, sulfurs, brown, golden, green and yellow drakes to round things out. Stay tuned for an announcement in the weeks to come. What better time to get prepared for those major hatches that next season will bring.

Hendrickson compara-duns & compara-emergers.

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