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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Tying, Tying And More Tying

Been busy at the vise quite a bit lately.  The weather and low temperatures have seemed to habitually fall on days that I would be free to fish.  Updating the website and storefront along with spinning some creativity have been the norm.  Here are a few of the things I have been tying.

A small order of sorts, From top Left heading clockwise, size 18 brown DT nymphs, size 20 brown DT nymphs, size 20 olive Synthetic quill nymphs, and size 18 winter stones in golden.





 A couple dozen weighted synthetic quill nymphs for the upcoming season.  This was one in particular was a producer in 2010.

A couple more dozen synthetic quill nymphs, another good color combo, especially when any olives are around.

And another couple dozen in a brown shade.  You can never go wrong with brown, it is a great color..

A Bugger Beast Jr. filled to the brim with Ice Pick Streamers and Articulated Ice Pick Streamers eagerly awaiting some long days in the drift boat pounding banks for fatties....

And lastly, the finishing touches to the last color of Beaded Classified Caddis I desperately needed to replenish from last season.  This little pile of black caddis pupa will be working overtime in a few months....

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