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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Great Day, And An Unveiling Of Sorts

The Beach Comber
Yesterday I was fortunate enough to talk about the Farmington River and tie some of my more noteworthy flies with a great bunch of people who call the Bedford Sportsman their home fishing store.  When Charles informed me that it was an RSVP event I was a bit taken back.  Needless to say they packed the shop like a sardine can with people as all the seats were occupied and there was literally a line of people standing up the stairs and into the first floor to watch. 

Keeping things even more interesting, a nice intermission with all kinds of food and beverages rounded things out and some great conversations followed.  After some pure gluttony, we meandered back downstairs into the tying room and I whipped up a few of my more notable flies for the crowd of on lookers.  At the end, I unveiled The Beach Comber to the masses, and the shop was buzzing.  All the folks in the shop who fished the salt were really liking the looks of this little guy, not to mention how simple a tie it is and the options it could open up for a lot of fresh water species as well.  Charles and Todd are a great couple of guys, and if you're in the area stop in and say hi.   Stay tuned for a whole compliment of color schemes to follow for this new fly.

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