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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

More Flies, And A Customer Report

Caught on a #16 Black Rich's Winter Stone
So a repeat customer of mine was fortunate enough to find some time yesterday to do some fishing on a local tail-water.   On his first drift with one of his recently purchased size 16 Black Rich's Winter Stone, bam, he hooks this guy.  For a short outing he managed 4 fish, 3 of which fell to the black stone.  I guess it's pretty safe to say that the winter stones are starting to get active, might behoove you to tie one on on your next excursion

Flies orders are at a nice pace for me right now, smaller orders of no more than 3 dozen are what I like as I truly am limited for time.  When my patterns are up and available with Pacific Fly Group, I will be sure to have a listing for you to peruse.
Size 22 Black Crippled Midges

Aside from stones, I have been busily tying midges for myself and others as well.  Here are some really small midges from a recent order, I guess you get the gist of the size, real big eh?

Size 6 Cellar Dweller's in Gray, Brown and Olive
I have also been tying up some streamers for the mail as well.  The last picture shows some of the new Cellar Dwellers that just hit the mail. 

I will keep you posted on new flies and some spring promos in the weeks to come, and, some more flies added to the store page

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