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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Rich's Winter Stone Continuing To Pierce Lips In The Northeast

Just shy of 19
Frequent fly customer Paul reported back yesterday with another 3 hour round of success on the winter stone pattern.   This time a brown colored stone in a 16 was the ticket, accounting for the majority of the 9 fish he landed, apparently the remainder fell to the classified caddis pupa.   Although yesterdays weather was refreshing, last night's temperature drop and flurries were a harsh reminder that  we are definitely not out of the woods yet with the winter.  A couple of warmer days are back in store for us later this week, heck I may even get out there and break the fishing-less streak I am currently on.   If you are interested in purchasing some of these stones, now's the time, I have an abundance of materials for these on hand as we speak, and they will work just about anywhere right now.  You know where to find me............

Ouch, somebody stung me!

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