The Rats Nest

Monday, February 7, 2011

More Stones Out The Door

Size 16 Micro Stones, mmm tasty!
Size 6 Black Shimmer Stones, Even Tastier!
Seems like lately stonefly nymphs have been the hot item.  Here are a few of my micro stones from one order in the three color configurations available.  These are nice simple little flies that catch well.  So you know, these are size 16, thought the business card would give you some scale.

The next photo shows some black Shimmer Stones that are going in another order.  I must say these little black knights look pretty evil, and they also catch well.  I will also be unveiling a new color in these guys shortly, and one that I have been hearing from my steelhead friends has been cleaning up this winter,  stay tuned.

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