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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Something Everyone Who Fishes The Farmington Should Attend

 TMA Expansion           Hearing
         Wed., March 16th
    6:30pm.  DEP Hdqtrs
     79 Elm St. Hartford.
This is the last chance for the public to comment on the proposed changes to the regulations governing the Farmington River.  Below is a summary of the changes:

            - Extends the Trout Management Area (TMA) to the bridge abutments of Whittemore Pool.

            - Makes the Trophy Trout areas from the Goodwin Dam to the Whittemore abutments, and from the Rt. 219 bridge to the Rt. 177 bridge in Unionville, Seasonal TMA.  There would be a 2 fish, 12" limit from opening day until August 31st, then from Sept. 1st until opening day it would be catch-and-release only for that entire stretch of river.  The river would be open to fishing year round.

            - Eliminates the regulation requiring barbless hooks in the upper TMA.

The FRAA strongly supports the first two parts of the regulation changes, but feels that the elimination of the barbless hook requirements in the TMA would be a step backwards.  The new regulations require that the fish be released “without avoidable injury” and the loss of the barbless hook provision makes this much less likely.  If you would like to support the TMA changes but speak out against the loss of barbless hooks, then sign and mail the letter to the address at the top of the paper, no later than March 30th.

If you are unable to attend, cut and past this letter and attach your signature to show your support.  

To: Bill Foreman
       DEP Inland Fisheries Division
       79 Elm Street, Hartford, CT 06106-5127
       Fax#: 860-424-4070

            Dear Mr. Foreman, I am writing this letter to show my support for the proposed changes in the Farmington River Trout Management Area.  The expansion of the Trout Management Area to the bridge abutments at the tail out of the Whittemore pool, and the changes to the other areas of the river down to the Route 177 Bridge in Unionville are well thought out, and long over due. 

            However, there is one change in the proposed regulations which I DO NOT support.  All three sections of the new proposals relating to the Farmington River require that the fish be released “without avoidable injury”.  And yet the regulations requiring the use of barbless hooks has been eliminated from the proposal.  Barbless hooks allow for reduced handling and a faster release of the fish, thus reducing unwanted injury.  To eliminate this requirement makes no sense.  Barbless hooks in the Trout Management Area have been required since its inception, and to remove this provision at this time would be counter productive to releasing the fish without avoidable injury.  Please consider reinstating the barbless hook requirement in the TMA, and if you wish to standardize the regulations, make barbless hooks required for the entire section of the river in the proposal.  Thank you for your consideration in this matter.


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