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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Things Are Picking Up, Slowly But Surely.....

Got a few of these.
 So today goes like this, supposed to guide a couple of very nice guys  looking for some dry fly action.  Although there has been some to be had, albeit even if it is down on the mud flats of Church Pool, the pickings have been slim to say the least.  Rather than battle with a dozen other fisherman over one pod of risers, and cold water temps we opted to reschedule.

The olives are pretty much late this year, so the only game is small midges in the morning and later in the day, some caddis also small, and the errant stone fly which is slowly but surely dwindling to nothing. 
Head shot with the Rock Candy Larva in the mug.  Nom Nom Nom

 So, what does that mean?  You guessed it, I got a bit of water time.  Learning from a close friend who is handy with the thermometer, I found out the temps are starting to touch 41-42 in the TMA.  Being the venturesome soul that I am, I braved the 15-20 mph gusts and fished a pair of weighted nymphs today, in what some might deem "The French Style" of nymphing.  I think the name is a bit ridiculous, but that's a topic for another day.
A bunch of these guys today....

 I roll the dice and target some medium depth lies, places that I have been having great difficulty pulling fish out of in the last few months.  The gusts of wind forced me to use some flies much heavier than what I would typically use, but hey that's called improvising.  Started out at 9:00 AM, by 10:30 I had 7 nice fish in hand out of a spot the size of a small Volkswagen, and maybe 18-24 inches deep at best.  Even though 5 out of the 7 were what I think fairly newer Rainbows to the system, I did manage 2 very nice holdover browns, one with an orange elastomer by the left eye, and the other without.  
Lots of these flying around today.

Realizing that an abundance of stockies as I like to call them, could be nothing short of a fluke I decided to try elsewhere before I got a little too comfortable.  The next run I hit I managed to pull a couple more stocker rainbows, and a couple more nice buttery browns.  All on some fairly large nymphs mind you.  Although I didn't see olives, I did see many caddis, a few stones and a blanket midge hatch.
One of the better red sides...
 I ended up breaking my day in half, and by lunch break I had a cool 13 in the net.  I joked over a nice sandwich and bowl of soup at the Rocky River Sweet Shop with a couple of fellow fishing friends and debated on going home or staying for a few more hours.  If you haven't been there yet, check out the Sweet Shop, not only do they have killer Ice Cream, the sandwiches are the real deal. 

Another nice holdover brown
 Reluctantly after the gluttony, I put the waders back on and headed up river about a mile above my starting point from the morning.  I  was rewarded with more of the same including a pair of 19 inch holdover browns in back to back casts.  Realizing that this was a great place to end the outing, I packed it in and headed to the gym to work off the high calorie meal I had a few hours earlier.   So at the end of a 3.5 hour stint, I managed 2 shy of 2 dozen for the day.  Not too shabby all things considered.  Only a matter of time and the whole river opens up.  Can't say that I can wait, 3.5 miles of the same water is getting a bit old, even if it has been producing well. 
Looks Like this guy's had a rough winter

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