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Saturday, April 23, 2011

What a Week

So I've returned from Ohio and Steelhead Alley where I managed to fish four new rivers for steel, and one other for browns.  The trip was a great get away and I had a very good time despite some tougher fishing conditions.  I met up with my friend Mike Schmidt of Anglers Choice Flies and he was the most gracious of hosts.  I am not a guy who likes to buy flies, as you all probably know.  But, one look at the creations that Mike has for you streamer and steelhead aficionados, and your sold.  I managed to sneak an order in for some of his outside the box articulated streamers, and he had them waiting for me when I arrived.  If you are a big streamer, big fish guy, or love to chase steelhead on the swing, I HIGHLY recommend checking out what Mike has to offer.  Believe me when I say you won't find anything like what he ties anywhere. 
Mike with a nice Mad River Brown a Schmidt Streamer in it's Maw
We started on a local brown trout fishery and moved on to fish 4 other steelhead fisheries in 2 days.  The conditions were all over the place, up a little and off color (fantastic swing water), to low and crystal clear.  Never mind Saturday when we both fished in the worse weather ever.  35 mph steady wind with 55-60 mph gusts, trees were literally falling down all around making presentations very difficult. 

No worries, we still managed a handful of fish and an even bigger handful of smolt.  Oh, I almost forgot, Mike was the sucker king that day landing a pile of suckers in full spawning colors.  Gee, I wonder what the fish were eating?  After some tough fishing we settled in and watched a couple of fishing movies, ate a great dinner and slugged a few Oberon's, a very good beer from Michigan, Mike's home state.  One of the movies we watched was a new one titled Tapam.  Talk about crazy, two guys with the Tarpon bug decided to fish for Tarpon out of Outcast float tubes.  To say the footage was nothing short of insane is an understatement.  If you can, check that film out, it is truly awesome. 

Lots of these guys in a size 16 yesterday
So back home and lots of water, like we got pounded with rain again.  So much so that the MDC had to run almost 2,000 cfs from the Hogsback dam for a few days.  They dropped the flow back yesterday to a modest 700, but with water temps barely touching 40 degrees, it was no wonder the fishing was S-L-O-W....  On a side note, the bugs are coming and starting up in numbers, albeit later than normal.

Another Perseverance Fish From a Tough Outing
I guess April is holding true to the old adage, "April showers bring May flowers" theme.  Hopefully things heat up this week, I anticipate we should start seeing some Hendricksons reaching the TMA later next week, but that's my educated guess.  

Stay tuned for more periodic updates, fly videos (hopefully) and some outside of Connecticut adventures. 

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