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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

May Is Here....

Morning Fog
It's been a decent weekend on the river.  The water continues to drop, the temps continue to rise and the bugs are getting more and more abundant.  Aside from moderate fishing pressure, everything appears to be finally falling into place.

A first light leviathan got away for me this morning prior to one of my guides.  Kinda funny, this big butter belly stuffed a 6 inch articulated Ice Pick sideways in it's mouth and I couldn't get the point's to bury in it's maw.  A couple of violent head shakes, a toilet flush and it was over.   GOOD TIMES!

Nice Rainbow in some Skinny water..
Although my clients haven't been busting loose as of yet so to speak, they are all managing some quality fish from time to time while dialing in their sub-surface tactics.  It's really funny how things are different year to year, as last year the river was red hot all of April. 

Case in point, Saturday and Sunday had really heavy Hendrickson's and some Blue Quills,  with sporadic fish looking up in the slower margins.  The sub surface fishing was consistent in the afternoon with fish falling to various rusty brown to dark brown nymphs and soft hackles. 

Great afternoon despite a pair of leaky waders.

Monday was a total change of pace,  very few bugs but enormous numbers of spinners all afternoon into the evening.  Let's just say it had the making of what could appear to be an epic spinner fall.  I had to exit the river after my trip and the few friends of mine who were fortunate enough to hang around in anticipation of the feast found many spinners on the water and very few if any rises.  From what I can see and have had as past experience, when we have a slower than normal spring, the summer is typically very good on the Farmington.  Let's hope...

Another First Trout via the Fly.
Unfortunately, right now only the most skilled of anglers are reaping the benefits with double digit outings and quality fish.  Don't get discouraged, work on your techniques and keep at it, good things will follow.  I had a few first timers this weekend once again, and all managed to catch some trout.  Some more than others, but from what I could tell it was all smiles and hopefully a few more new faces that caught the fly fishing bug. 

And many more of these guys.
In another week or so things should be off the charts as a couple of more notable insects are hatching and working their way up the river.  When that happens, I will let you know, as the fishing should take a drastic turn in the right direction.

Sorry for the infrequent updates and fly tutorials, but things are beyond busy for me right now.  I will still shoot for a video a month so stay tuned. 

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