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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Week Of 05/16/11. Whats Going On...

A Nice One In The Rain..
 So it was a good week of trips and an added outing with my buddy Mike.  Some days the fishing was red hot, other days it was steady with enough action to keep you interested all day. 

Streamers worked very well some days, and non-existent the others.  Various styles of nymph techniques shined all week long and some new bugs entered center stage this week. 

Every day on the water we experienced periodic waves of craneflies, tan caddis and midges. 

This Guy Loved The Rock Candy Larva
 Tan Caddis are currently active in the TMA as well as the craneflies.  The Hendricksons are going strong in Riverton as well as some caddis, midges, Olives and Mahoganies. 

We should start seeing sulphurs up in the TMA in another week or two as they are hatching in Collinsville/Burlington section right now. 

Higher water was the name of the game and all the fish were positioned right where they should be.  If you targeted the right water, you were rewarded.
JT With An Ice Pick Eating Brown.

Andrew with a nice Ice Pick Eating Brown

Tom's First Farmington Trout
 On the days the streamer fishing was exceptional, natural toned streamers were the best bets.  Several fish from 17-20+ were landed, hooked and lost, or showed their faces when we used streamers.  Two clients as well as my buddy Mike on our day out hooked into some very sizable holdovers that were in excess of 20 inches, myself included moving a very large fish on Friday. 

It looks like we are in high gear, so hang on and enjoy the ride.   Enjoy the photos......
Tom after continued success

Mouth Full Of Articulated Nasty

Recent 2 Year Old...


I Like Tan Red Rockets.....

Decent hold Over

Little Beat Up But Fun

Mike After Squirrel Hunting

After Shooting The Gauntlet

George's First Farmington Trout

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