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Sunday, August 7, 2011

Where The Heck Has Rich Been???????

Perch City
You are all probably wondering why I am off Facebook, been putting up very little if any new content on the site, and where the Agitated Angler blog came from.  At first glance it probably appears that some pretty dark S@*t is unfolding in the life of Rich, right?  Well not exactly, actually some very positive things are taking center stage, and I have just been too busy to keep up with this Internet monster that I've created. 

Reeling In Her First
I'll cut to the chase, I have been beyond busy living life, and getting back to my roots; family and friends.  Since my trip to Montana I have reassessed life so to speak and recognized that balance is something I need to find in my life.  The scales have been tipped way to far in one area, and although many of you, my faithful clients and customers have benefited, those closest to me have suffered a bit. So enough of the melodrama, and on to the post, I managed to spend some quality time with the wife and kids this weekend, something long overdue.  And wanting to never let my girls down, I finally managed to come through on a promise I made to my oldest daughter Tessa. 
"I got a big one daddy!"

You see, she's been gawking at all the great photos of all my customers holding up "fishies" as she would so cleverly put it, but she has yet to try out some fishing for herself.  So, this weekend while visiting the family cottages in ole Cape Cod, daddy pulled through, not once but twice.  Boy was I in for a surprise, Tessa not only is a natural fish catching machine, but she will hold the fish, cut the worms too (ya that's right folks, garden hackle, give her a break though I started out the same way, in a few years she'll be chucking flies, heck I already have her casting).  Like all three year olds though, she lasts about 30 minutes even when she is hammering fish, then it's off to making mud pies, throwing stuff in the drink or wandering off into some other mischievous journey.  Enjoy the pictures, we sure did....

Another Perch

Roping in another

Chilling On The Tackle Box

She's A Natural

Day 2

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