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Monday, September 26, 2011

Back In The Saddle So To Speak.

The Fruits Of My Efforts..
The creative gene has reared its head once again. Maybe it's been the weekly text messages or phone calls with good friend and fellow tier, Mike Schmidt of Anglers Choice Flies. Or maybe it's the balance I have created for myself giving me some free time to conjure up more interesting and productive stuff. What ever it is, good things have surfaced thus far. If you've been following, I am selling my patterns once again, currently on my terms only right now, ( weekly fly selections) with the store front to open up soon (promise). I have also set forth a few new challenges.
Swamp Thing In Black

You all know about my switch rod pledge, I have also been keenly and quietly sneaking out chasing the vicious swamp donkey, snot rocket, otherwise known as the pike. I am sure with a few of these pictures of parrot sized streamers in hand, some of you may have already figured that one out.

The Three pictures in tandem here are prototypes of my new Pike Slider I call the Swamp Thing. I say prototype, as I just received the right sized irons for these monstrosities. My 1/0 and 2/0 B10s' just weren't cutting it, a hook of 6/0, 8/0 and even 10/0 proportions was needed, and recommended once again by ole Schmidty.
And The Inevitable Color Combo....
Under the hood are two hooks, a shank and lots of synthetic and natural materials. Add 4 foam discs at the head, and you have a fly that darts from side to side and moves more water than a Russian sub. Once I dial this bad boy in I will be sure to put up an action video, as what it has shown thus far is more than promising.

On her first day in the water this rat's nest moved a pile of fish, but was unable to connect the business end in the maw of any, hence the need for arger hooks. Beware though, this fly isn't for the faint at heart, as my 8 weight S4s was creaking on every cast. This is pure 10 weight stuff here folks, coming in at a mere 8-9 inches on a good day, this fly will tempt up the big guns from below.
Stroli Sculpins Ready For Some Collars And Heads

But back to the orders folks. I spun up a few selections in the last couple weeks and they sold in hours. I think I found my niche and will keep my "Groupies" satiated weekly with fly selections. Here are a few pictures of a recent streamer order as asked by a very good customer of mine who has caught the streamer bug.

When asked to spin up a selection of some of my favorites, I of course had a selection of some of my concoctions and a few household standbys. Being forewarned that he already had some cougars, circus peanuts and the like, I opted to conjure up a healthy serving of some of my own patterns, and one of a good friends.
Smattering Of Various Streamers
In the past few months I have added I have added a pattern that has just been lights out for me, so I had to spin up a few for my faithful customer. Mike if you read this and see the picture to the left, you probably recognize your Red Rocket on the bottom of that pile. The tan and olive versions of this fly have become two articulated patterns that I just can't leave home without. If you are looking to get you some from the creator of this stellar pattern, checkout Mike's site listed in the beginning of this post, you'll be happy that you did. If You do read this buddy, I did you proud, as my imitations are to the recipe....

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