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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Rich's Go To Farmington Flies Tying Class

Finally got a date ironed out at Upcountry folks.  December 3, 2011 9AM till 1-2 PM.  Tuition $75.  Class limited to 8 seats, contact Upcountry Sportfishing @ 860-379-1952.  A $40 deposit to reserve your seat will be accepted over the phone or in person at the shop, balance due on the day of the class.  Seats fill fast, so don't delay.  This is an intermediate tyers class, and not one for beginners so please keep this in mind when signing up.  If you are looking for a beginners class, I do personal one on one lessons, which in my opinion are the best ways to learn.  Or there are a couple other fine tyers out of the shop who offer a beginners class.   Otherwise, here are the Curriculum highlights:  

Rich’s Go-To Farmington Patterns
This class will demonstrate through group participation several patterns that will provide continual success on the Farmington River watershed, but as stated before, these flies work just about anywhere there are trout swimming.  These flies are a wide range of surface and subsurface patterns that with a few alterations can be used to represent several different food forms readily available.  A discussion on all aspects encompassing each pattern will go hand in hand with the hands on participatory tying instruction.   Some things that will be covered will be:
  1. The most productive sizes, color schemes and times when to use the particular pattern.
  2. How to manipulate and utilize the materials properly in the construction of the patterns to produce consistently aesthetic and fishable patterns.
  3. Tips, short cuts and techniques that will make one a more consistent and efficient tyer.
  4. Explain and demonstrate hook choices and reasoning behind the use of certain hooks.
  5. Provide hands on instruction with simultaneous participation throughout all phases of each pattern with an open forum for questions concerning the flies tied. 
Materials Provided
A comprehensive list of materials will be provided to all in attendance  to make sure all parties who participate can obtain them after the class is complete, in house.  Grady and I will be working together prior to the class to assure that all materials used will be in stock.    During the class portion all materials for construction of the fly will be provided, and lists of other successful color combinations will be given as well.  All patterns tied will be primarily tied in one of my top colors or styles, but as stated earlier, other hot color combinations will be discussed and recipes for them will be provided.
Materials To Bring
  • Vise, bobbin, whip finish, scissors.
  • I’ll supply the threads and materials for the class including hooks etc.  A semi comprehensive list of  pattern variations will be provided to every participant. 

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