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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Some More Things To Keep In Mind....

 So if you were wondering where my focus aside from family is these days, read on.   I have come to the conclusion that with all that is going on in my life, I needed to sit back, reassess, and come up with a new game plan for the time being.

The guiding portion of the business unfortunately is going on the back burner till further notice.  On the flip side of things the fly store will be back
 shortly.   I will be primarily tying and selling flies once again, things on that front should be back online in a month or so.  Once I get the bulk of my kitchen remodeling project behind me, the store will be back up and orders will be taken.  Aside from that, I plan on setting up a separate section on the store for my fellow tyers who are having some difficulty finding some of the rather unique materials I often use.
 If all goes as planned, some of those requested and hard to find materials will be for purchase on the storefront.  Like most things, it will be an every expanding work in progress so please bear with me, I am remind you a one man operation.  From the pictures attached the clever folk will probably figure out some of the materials I plan on having for my faithful tying contingent.  Trust me,

 I understand fully how frustrating it can be trying to find that mystery ingredient for a special pattern, hopefully I can assist.   On a side note, I will be offering two Fly Tying Courses this Fall and Winter, hosted at Upcountry Sportfishing.

One of the courses will be solely based upon some of my Go-To Farmington River Flies, and the other on Several methods of Articulating Streamers.  Once the curriculum and dates are ironed out, be sure to check back here or the Upcountry website to register.  . 
Both Classes will be a one day 4-6 hours event with a limited number of seats, so first come first served.  Once they are all gone I will see if the need for a second class will be announced.   The cost will probably be around $75, so it won't break the bank, and I promise you will walk away a better tyer.

The purpose of my transition aside from the obvious is to hopefully put some of my top flies in your hands to catch more fish like the one to the left here, and develop more cutting edge fish catching patterns.    Stay tuned folks, things are cooking....

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