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Sunday, October 2, 2011

First Week Of October, Flies And Recent Gadgets

5 Dozen Rock Candy
 Back on the vise hard, prepping flies at night after work, then tying the remainder when the kids go to bed on the days off.  I have some pretty cool new patterns to unveil in the months to come, good simple flies with some newer and older materials that just plain catch fish. 

Since the storefront went back up, I've been pretty busy spinning up  orders.  The storefront will change soon, a sort of retooling of sorts, with some added products things, should be pretty cool once complete.
Ice Pick Order With Trailing Stinger's For Steelhead

The first of a pair of fly tying courses is now listed, should be a really good time so I hope to see you there.  Fall is officially here and the weather has not disappointed, the last few nights have been what I personally love about this time of year, nice cool air.  The advent of cooler air, typically equates to the browns putting on the feedbag, and the streamer bite heats up exponentially.  The only X-factor right now is the high water and excessive rain, well sort of :).  The other day prior to the deluge was fantastic fishing, so it should be a good fall if all cooperates.

New In-House Testing Grounds

The other new tidbit on the forefront is my new gadget seen to the left.  The Tubefly Swim Tank from Tony at Tubefly Tech.  I had been eyeballing one these gadgets for over a year now, and recently I pulled the trigger.  Now I can see just how some of my patterns behave in water with current without having to drive to the river to experiment.  Cuts production time of new stuff to nothing in time, if it swims to expectations, done deal.  Granted this is only one half of the equation, but it is a huge asset in my book.  Look out..........

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