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Friday, October 7, 2011

Might Have Another Really Good One Here....

The Hog Snare, 6 Inches Of Dual Articulated Fun
 Now that I have some free time on my hands before I tear my kitchen to pieces and begin a most certainly painstaking project, I have had the time to draw up, tie and test several ideas that have been bouncing around in my head.  One of the ideas I've had was a double jointed streamer using  one of the new articulated shanks in the middle.  The fruits of my labor turned out what you see to the left, what I have deemed the Hog Snare.  This feisty piece of eye crossing streamer is a mouthful, and requires a 7 weight single handed rod to get out there.

Rising Up From The Depths
Size 1 Gamakatsu B10s up front, Flymen 35mm shank in the middle, and a size 2 Gamakatsu Sp11 in the rear.  Marabou, holographic flash, schlappen, ice dub, arctic fox, rubber legs, lead eyes and laser dub all wrapped up into a mighty fine streamer that swims like it was alive.

Even The Smaller Guys Like A Big Meal This Time Of Year
You're looking at roughly 6 inches of  pure fish agitating movement.  This fly, even with a pair of lead eyes up front, and a nice layer of .030 lead free wire on the middle shank, will suspend and flutter when paused on a retrieve.  When you animate this fly either by jerk strips or fast strips followed by pauses, it has such a tantalizing swimming action it just begs to be hurt.  And as you can see from the photos on the remainder of the post, it didn't disappoint on it's maiden voyage.  It seemed to draw up the attention of various sized fish today, and some hit it with such authority, almost like a Pike, that  I guess you could say some of the browns I tangled with today had some really bad intentions, bad for the fly that is, but good for me.

High Water, What's A Matter,  Scared? It's Only 3,000+CFS
 I Started the day off with nothing short of lousy conditions, but if you know me well, I have never been afraid of high water, and having a few hours to spare I rigged up the 11 foot 7 weight switch rod and had at it.  Brought my light and medium Rio MOW Tips and Rio Skagit Flight Head and had a pretty darn good outing.  Sticking to my convictions as I said that I would, my two handed game is really getting sound.  Granted, 2,000 plus cfs makes fishing with a single handed rod difficult, and these conditions aren't for everyone, but, if you know where to look you can strike gold even under  less than desirable  conditions. 

Just Shy Of 22 Inches. 
Sure, wouldn't you know it, the MDC raised the water another 1,000 cfs while I was out, but it didn't make the fish stop eating.  In fact they gorged for a while
Melon Shot....

When testing a new fly, even with my handy new swim tank, there is always a level of nervousness as to how well the fly will perform to the expectations you've set.  When you're dealing with a multi-hook streamer a lot can go wrong, and often numerous prototypes are made until everything comes together, or you scrap the whole thing and go back to the drawing board.  Some look at that of a waste of precious materials, I look at it as the building blocks of ingenuity.     I guess that is the beauty of designing flies, sometimes you strike out, other times you knock it out of the park.  This time, I surprisingly knocked it out of the park on the first pitch. 

Sometimes you just know when you look at something you've tied and you're gut tells you, ya, I think so.   I just had this feeling with this pattern and today it most definitely didn't disappoint.   After several fish in the 15-19 inch range were hooked, landed and released, I managed to put this guy in the bag above and to the right.  It felt good to get a decent fish again on my home waters, waters I routinely did this on a very frequent basis when I was younger, had less responsibility and more free time.  I guess you could say I had a bit of Deja-vu today.   Alright, enough of the soft s@*t and back to business.
A savage take, a barrel sized flush and this bad boy was gator rolling and pulling hard.  The tape stretched to about a quarter inch shy of 22 inches, a nice fat buttery slab reminiscent of fall, with a mouthful of Hog Snare in it's face.  Look for this fly in the fly store soon, it should continue to be a real big fish catcher, hence the name.  

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