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Saturday, October 8, 2011

Some Fish, Some New Flies In The Store

MM! Tasty BS Swinger....
Brookies Like Em Too.
 I managed to get out on the water again today for a short 3 hour jaunt, targeting a new piece of water different from the other day.  It is really amazing to see how much the river has changed since Hurricane Irene.  Some runs are completely new, others are the same, some are much better than before, others just do not have that ole "fishy" feeling anymore.  It is really funny how mother nature works, keeps things interesting to say the least.

One thing I will say, it was a bit refreshing to have more normal conditions, although, I'm not going to lie, I kinda have a sick twisted thing for high water.

Remember Me?  Hog Snare Brown
Once again, I stuck to my vices, using the two hander as usual (another post or two and I may have to change the blog title).  With lower conditions, the tactics changed a bit, but I still had a rather valiant showing with all of my fish falling victim to a gold variant BS Swinger.  Nothing like a good pull on an Indian Summer afternoon, hands down one of the most satisfying ways to catch fish,  Scratch that, several pulls.  I hit the Farmington grand slam today, Brookies, Browns and Rainbows, although I didn't take any pictures of the browns today as I played with little brothers to the big guy from the other day, I managed a handful of yearling browns around 11-13 inches.  These guys were all colored up and looking like they were born in the river, gotta love buttery slabs of brown trout in the fall.

Color Combos For The "Snare"
Although the browns were beautiful in their own right, the brookies I tangled with were awesome.  One of which was  a spectacular specimen that words can't describe, a pure palette of autumnal colors.  Kinda reminded me of those days as a kid when I hit the ole brook up the road from my house, and the wonderful brook trout I had the pleasure of playing a mere 5 minute walk from my parents back porch, those were the days. 

BS Swinger Options
 The weather was nothing short of perfect today, I wish I could have made an entire day of it, but I spent the morning at Lowe's gathering parts for my kitchen project (as much fun as chewing tinfoil).  After settling in for a nice homemade feast of my household favorite, Chicken Parmesan, and  putting the little one's to bed, I managed to get some of my newer creations up on the Fly Store page of the main site.  It's been a while, but a few of these needed to be added.  I realize the "Snare" as I've been calling it, is a hot one with a bit of a hefty price tag, but you gotta remember folks, this is a double jointed fly with a bunch of stuff going on, and by no means a quick tie.  I look at it like this, if it catches you a fish of the season, it's worth every penny.

Meat Helmet Sculpin Available Now Too

I am certain you can tell already by the following pictures that a few other nymphs aside from the streamers were added to the mix too.  I now have the ability to obtain the materials to spin up the Meat Helmet Sculpins in quantity, so I found it fitting to offer them to all of you  as well. 

Slate Drake Nymph

October Caddis Pupa
In the coming months the goal is to get a pile more of my tested concoctions up and available to all of you out there who may not tie and are interested in some for your own personal fly boxes.  If all goes as planned, I may even have some with me at the Symposium, if time permits of course.

One other thing, if you have purchased flies from me in the past, present or future, I plan on adding to my old testimonials page, heck maybe even updating it altogether.  That being said, if you have any grip n grins using my flies, or a great story to tell in regards to a particular pattern that brought you success, send it on over, I'll gladly post it, and would love to hear what you have to say. 

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