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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Got A Favorite Fishing Shirt?

The Favorite T, That Was Spared

 Sounds like a pretty stupid topic, but when your significant other decides she wants to dispose of a piece of your clothing you consider a mainstay, the thought came to mind.  I don't know about the rest of you guys out there, but me personally, I will wear a shirt till it literally falls apart.  Unlike my wife who basically tosses an article of clothing in the garbage once it fades; I think its just breaking in.  Case in point, I just had to finally part ways with an old blue sweatshirt that I had been wearing for the better part of 15 years after it nearly disintegrated when I put it on.  I almost shed a tear when I had to throw that bad boy in the garbage, it was like losing an old friend.  I like stuff worn, my baseball caps are of the same vein, they fade, have tears in the brim from flies being hooked in them and they stink like nobody's business.  But why wash it?  Weathered gear makes you look like you know what you're doing. 

Come on, admit it, you know you've passed a few phrases of judgement on the river when you've run into that guy decked out from head to toe in shiny new gear that looks like it came right out off the Orvis showroom.   "Look at this guy, must be a newbie".  Then you see the guy with the aqua seal spots all over his stained and faded waders, with his boot soles flapping like a flag in the breeze and you instantly think, "that guys a fisherman".  At the end of the day it really doesn't matter, as the old adage never judge a book by it's cover is very fitting in this particular case, but there is definitely something to be said about tattered and broken in apparel.
My Seasoned Fly Away Fishing Shirt, Missing Buttons And Full Of Sleeve Tears

So I guess this post is a tribute to the weathered and favorite shirt.   Right now my favorite T-shirt is my Simms Camo Trout shirt, I think I'm on my 3rd one.  Something about the logo and the way it fits, I already have a hole in the armpit which is why I think my wife was thinking of donating it to the household rag pile for cleaning, fat chance dear.  So if you have a favorite shirt, or are on the same page with me on this, give a shout, I'd love to hear what your favorite shirt is these days.....
The Tattered Sleeve Of My New Favorite Sweatshirt

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