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Friday, November 25, 2011

Went For Broke Today

First Fish of The Day
Loads of These Guys Today
Decided to go for numbers today and broke out the nymph rig.  I have been hearing a lot of bellyaching on local forums about how slow the fishing has been and how catching one to none is the norm.  I had to find out for myself, so I put the switch rod down for a change and resorted back to the old standby as I would call it.  Fishing seems fine to me guys, in fact, after my first fish to the right there taped out at 19 inches, it was bent rods all morning.  The fishing was very good, you just had to target the right water.

All fish were taken in 2-4 feet of moderately paced water, and were very feisty to say the least.  After a bunch of fish I put the nymphs away and resorted to swinging once again, bringing a few more to hand before I beat feet for the day.    I was kind of kicking myself today though, as I left my dry fly set up at home.  The surface activity today was red hot and I wish I came prepared, I would gander a very good day on caddis would have been the story, I'll take the hand I was dealt.  The river wasn't overly crowded to say the least, although most anglers congregated at the same locales.

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