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Saturday, December 3, 2011

12/03/11 A View From My Vise

The View From My Vise
A big thank you goes out to the 8 gentleman who signed up for my tying class today.  We packed the table, tied some relatively easy patterns, and had a good time.  When all was said and done we pumped out seven of my most used patterns on the Farmington and elsewhere; a majority were of my own design, with a few from other notable tyers, full credit given.  I even managed a few that haven't been unveiled on the video front yet, so those in attendance had an extra bonus.

After we rounded the class out with my signature stonefly, The Shimmer Stone, I made it an even eight patterns with a quick demonstration of the Steroid Ant.   Everybody did a great job, turning out a nice pile of nymphs and dries that are all proven fish catchers. 

Grady stocked up on a majority of the materials, and if a particular material wasn't there we were able to find suitable alternatives.  A comprehensive list of variations and productive color schemes was supplied, as all of the patterns tied are easily modified to accommodate multiple hatches. 

I wanted to send a thank you to Kevin Compton of Performance Flies.  Kevin supplied all of my students with a nice sample package including hooks, and a unique material that I use in the construction of my Rock Candy Larva, a weighted caddis larva that is hands down my top larva pattern day in and day out.  Kevin is a hell of a tyer, runs a great little business specializing in some rather unique tying products, and is a genuinely nice guy.  Kevin has been overly generous with items he terms "free of charge" in pretty much every order that I have placed, giving us, the consumer a little taste of some of the new product lines he plans to carry.  I can't say enough good things about Kevin and his business, he has always been a pleasure to work with.  During the Competition season he is very busy tying for many of the competitors of Team USA, so now is the time to check out what he has in store. 

On a final note, Grady and I decided that February is going to be the month for the Articulated Streamer Class.  I should have a concrete date by the end of next week, and a full curriculum listing as well.   Keep an eye out for it on the Events tab.....

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