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Monday, December 12, 2011

A Few Hours On The Water And An Update

Picture Perfect Farmington Brown Trout.  Wild?  Very Likely
 Despite high water, I managed a rather fruitful outing today.  I managed a handful of nice wily browns on Tiny Dancer winter caddis pupa, and then I switched to some subsurface fare.  After catching several holdover browns and rainbows, I managed to stick this lively and spotless specimen.
Close Up
This is what I fish the Farmington for, the chance at a real quality brown like this guy.  It's not about the size even though this is a rather nice sized fish.  I guess you could say it's all what you make of it.

Beautiful Fins
 Prior to my departure from the river, I stopped into Upcountry and picked up my copy of the latest Pacific Fly Group Catalog.  Why am I interested you ask?  A bunch of my patterns are now in production and available en-mass for your favorite fly shop. 
The Flies Are In the New Catalog.
 Here is a list of the patterns that are out there in several color combos and sizes, with more to follow in the coming year.  The flies are as follows;

Shimmer Stone
Classified Caddis Pupa
Case Closed 
Woven Mayfly Nymph
DT Nymph
Shucked UP Emerger
Crazy Leg Caddis Larva
In The Round Stone
Mophead Streamer
R-F Caddis

On a final note the streamer tying class is already half full.  4 spaces left, should be a good one.

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