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Friday, December 2, 2011

A Good Birthday Present

Balmy Opening Temperature

Nice Steam Rolling Off The Water At Daybreak

One of Seven From The First Run.
 So I spent my 37th Birthday on the water.  After my original fishing plans grenaded, I had to regroup and fish my local water.  Not complaining at all.  The thermometer at 0 dark thirty was a chilling reminder that winter is knocking at the door.  22 degrees is hardly warm, but I was prepared nonetheless. 
Tail Shot

Another Quality Fish From Down Under

The First In a Flurry of Caddis Eating Fish Topside

Homemade Beef Barley Soup For Lunch

Some Bows Too

Guess He Wanted That Rock Candy Larva

And Many Of These Guys On Top From 2 Till Dark

The Water Was Boiling Till Dark

Loads Of These Guys Again This Morning

And Size 30-32 Olives Later.  OUCH!
I was greeted at daybreak with fog on the water and to my surprise some hungry trout right out of the gates.  My first run I nymphed up seven nice fish, all on a tight line rig with weighted flies.  Once the sun got high enough, the chill was taken out of the air, and the thermos of coffee I brought with me took the edge off a rather bitter morning.   The first spot I fished didn't cough up any bruisers, but three of the seven browns I tangled with were immaculate and all colored up.  A few leaps and runs and I was watching the sun rise with a smile on my face; although my original plans had changed, it was already a great day. 

After things slowed, I meandered up the bank to the truck for another slug off the thermos and then I moved on.  I continued to have success in spurts, where there was one, there were more. 

As the clock neared 10:00 AM, I put the nymph rig down and grabbed my dry fly rod and made way to some slower water in hopes of heads. 

Luckily, I wasn't disappointed and immediately found not only heads but solitude.   The winter caddis were popping at a good clip and the fish were on them happily.  After a couple of fish on top including one just shy of 18 inches, my solitude disappeared and I followed. 

Moving on to greener pastures I decided to spark up the stove and put my first bowl of soup on.  Within minutes one of moms greatest concoctions was steaming and I was knuckles deep in a hearty bowl of beef barley soup, one of my favorites.  A piece of crusty bread and I was living large. 

After pure gluttony, I waddled back to the river in search of some more heads, but the wind kicked up and I basically took a long scenic walk finding nothing but broken water.  Back to nymph fishing I dredged up a few more nice browns and a couple of healthy rainbows before I decided to make for some more slack water to see if there were any more surface feeders. 

With the water slowly scattered with Blue Winged Olives too small to tie, and a mixed bag of various midges, I stayed topside till dark and managed a couple more handfuls of smaller but quality browns who were feeding very regularly in the film. 

As dark fell I fired up the stove for a second round of soup then off for home.  A nice double digit outing of quality fish in December, what's better than that?   And most of them were on the surface too, a double positive. 

When I got home I was greeted by my two girls who made me the best two birthday cards a guy could ask for.  Now off to dinner with the wife to round the day out.  What a day, and tomorrow should be a good one too, as I will be teaching a tying class to a nice group of people.   Stay tuned.

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