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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Small Order, Streamer Class Update, Winter Stone Madness

First and foremost, I wish you all a Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays.  Hopefully you will all have an uneventful and relaxing one with friends and family.  Secondly, the Articulated Streamer Class is full.  Was very surprised to see how quickly this one filled up to say the least.  If there is enough interest out there I will post a second date, but it will need to be a class with 6-8 participants.
The Ever Growing Pile Of Staged Winter Stone's
As the winter is here, I am trying to get a jump on some of the flies that will be needed in the coming months.  As you can see I am busy tying up some Black Winter Stones, staging the bodies for some serious production tying.  I have found a new product by Hareline that I have substituted for Senyo Shaggy Dub to replicate the legs, tails and antenna.  Dandy Long Legs is virtually the same material only it is hanked and measures about 7 inches long, making it very easy to work with as you can see.

The material comes in a wide array of colors both earth tone and bright, and can be used in a variety of cool applications.  I have been playing around with the stuff for ribbing and body material for midges and dry flies and it is a pleasure to work with.  I will post some pictures of what I have done to date in a later post.  I have also used the material to add a little color to streamers as well, pretty cool stuff to say the least.    

As you can see I spun up a little mixed order of sorts for a regular customer who frequents my home waters.  Come January, I will be placing minimums on my fly orders in terms of quantity, expect to see anywhere from a 1/2 dozen or dozen minimum on all flies in 2012.

Tiny Dancers And A Few Winter Stones
In the course of perfecting a pattern, I sometimes change my mind several times before I am 100% happy with the final product.  I have recently found that I prefer my Tiny Dancer Caddis tied on a TMC 206bl, which is an upturned black fine wired caddis emerger style hook that is 1x fine.  This particular hook really balances the design out nicely and I highly recommend tying the fly on that particular hook.
Rock Candy Larva And A Few Shimmer Stones

Green Rock Candies, A Favorite

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