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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Some More Tested Patterns Unveiled

Black Tiny Dancer aka Winter Caddis Imitation


If you're a regular visitor of the Farmington River in the colder months, you are very familiar with the steady hatches of winter caddis and eager fish chasing them on any given morning this time of year.  Over the last 8 or so years I have attempted to devise a pattern that would match the foam emerger that was conjured up by a group of gentlemen who were struggling with a consistent producing pattern for this very prolific and consistent hatch.

After several return trips to the drawing board, I have finally found not only the materials, but the means to devise the pattern I have envisioned for almost a decade.  Enter the Tiny dancer, a skate-able dry fly with added motion and an almost identical footprint of the natural, making it a very tempting morsel for even the most snooty of brown trout.  After several months of testing and dozens of fish approving the pattern, here are the first released pictures of the fly.  I will be releasing the tying tutorial shortly, making up for the last 6 weeks that were devoid of any new content on the video page.  Stay tuned, and get your fingers ready to tie this one up.
Dancers In Tan And Black

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