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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Catching-Shadows Flies In the News

 So I got a nice email from an acquaintance I made a little over a year ago from Missouri, another guy bitten bad by the fly fishing bug.   Brian Wise from Fly fishing The Ozarks dropped in the other day to report that he and many of his customers are having continued success in his neck of the woods on the Ice Pick Streamer.  Being a bit selfish I asked Brian to send over any pictures he had with fish taken on the "Pick".  A few minutes later he sent over this great photo of himself with one his recent catches on an Ice Pick, pretty nice yellow belly if I do say so myself. 

I love Ice Picks....

On another note, friend and local guide Rob Nicholas of Housatonic Anglers inquired late last year about some bigger articulated flies tied in shades reminiscent of a juvenile Rainbow Trout.  Always enjoying some tinkering, I conjured up these tasty morsels for Rob's annual Chilean Excursions.
Rainbow Snares & Articulated Ice Picks For Some Big Chilean Browns
Rob has been hosting trips to Chile for over a decade and this year he plans on hanging some pigs on the Yelcho; a big brown trout fishery where the fish are measured in pounds not inches.  Hopefully when he returns he'll have some fish porn with one of these flies hanging out of the grille of something gnarly and brown.  For more on Rob's trips to Chile, checkout his other site at Angling In The Andes.      I shall have some more custom morsels to post in the ensuing weeks with flies going to some other cool places, so stay tuned.

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