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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Catching-Shadows In Print(Shameless Self-Promotion) , And Flies Out The Door

 A few small orders as of late, mostly mixed bags, Hog Snares, Winter Stones, Tiny Dancer Caddis etc etc.  I'll keep the post picture laden and less text. 

 Looks like winter has finally reared it's ugly head, as it is going to below zero tonight with the wind chill.  I may hit the water tomorrow, but I may also chicken out and stay home to tie.  As you can see I brought back the fly promotion page, aka Deal of the week.  So far it's working out well.

To my surprise, my Ice Pick Article hit the pages of the Winter 2012 Eastern Fly Fishing Magazine this month.  I found out through a few friends over the holidays that they had seen it in their local shops, and in the mail today my copy arrived.  Pretty stoked once again to see another one of my patterns in print, pretty humbling too. 


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