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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Couple Small Orders, Custom Streamers, Other Stuff

Going To Tame Some Browns On The Cumberland River
 Been tying a good number of articulated flies for a change as a result of my recent orders.   Some consisting of patterns from last year,  some new ones including the "Snare".   A few of these are customized, one batch heading out to a guy who likes to chase large Browns on the Cumberland Tailwater in Kentucky and Tennessee.  Curious to see how they pan out, black and white was all he wanted, so he got em.   Black and white Articulated Ice Picks, and black and white Hog Snare Streamers.  Hopefully these guys will result in some great fish pictures.

Mixed Bag Heading To Missouri
 Another smaller order of Ice Picks, Articulated Ice Picks, Bloodied Baitfish and Cellar Dweller Streamers heading out to Missouri, most likely as a result of the Brian Wise Picture from the other day.  Thanks Brian, hopefully these flies will be happily fished as well.
Custom Hog Snares To Be Used On The White River
 And lastly, I got an email from a big fish chaser who hits the White River in Arkansas every year, usually with the end result being grip n grins with some big browns.  Even though they will most likely get broken in on the White, the home waters in Michigan that this particular fellow guides on produce giant browns every year.  Big streamers are the only way that he chases these big nasty browns,  and the Snare once again piqued interest, just only in a custom color combo.  Sometime next month I hope to see one of these white n pink snares hanging out of the grille of a gnarly brown, stay tuned.
And Some Staged Tan & Yellow Snares For Later
I have even managed to spin some more up for myself in the mix, typically I try to spin a couple extras for myself to add to the box.  The tan and yellow snares have been a favorite of mine, and although I had a few to tie up for some other trusty customers, I squeezed in a handful for myself.  I had originally planned on getting out today on the water, but highs not even reaching freezing, quickly changed my mind, even though I wanted to try out my new Sage ESN.  Guess I'll have to wait till Thursday.

On another note, I have about 4 Woven Mayfly Selections left on hand for those of you looking to pick one up.  I'll keep them listed on the Deal page till weeks end and then I will have another deal up and ready to go.  

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