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Monday, January 9, 2012

New Deal Of The Week, And Upcoming Stuff

So as you probably figured, I was pretty much confined to the house last week, hence the bombarding of posts.  A major sinus infection requiring antibiotics and then the stomach flu rendered me stuck inside for the New Year.  What I did manage to do is get started on a few projects for the new year, one of which is bringing back the fly promos.

12 Woven Mayfly Nymphs, Two colors Each In Size 8-12

These deals may run for more than a week at a time and will typically be geared for upcoming hatches or fishing events, or they might be solely around what I felt like tying that week.  Right now I currently have two working for you on the "Deal Of The Week"  page.  The woven mayflies above are weighted and are great mayfly imitations for fishing in a tight line or "Euro" nymph rig.  

The Tiny Dancer's are flying out the door, I think I sent out 8 dozen last week and am currently waiting on the hooks to finish off the balance of the orders, and am expecting them any day now.  On a side note, a good friend of mine is headed out to his annual Chile excursions and will be going armed with some special order Hog Snares and Articulated Ice Picks.  When he said he was going to be fishing a system that coughs up Browns measured in pounds not inches, some big flies were on the agenda.  Hopefully we will have some fish porn with those flies stuffed in the mugs of some gnarly browns next month.  

Lastly, I am beginning work on a Tying DVD showcasing in detail with some added flare, as I stated I would be.  This project is going to take some time, and I will periodically update you all on my efforts.  This should be fun and I am tentatively shooting for 6-8 patterns in the video.  Having a bit of OCD, I am planning this one out for a few weeks now and I hope to produce a series of videos that are even better than the ones I currently have on Vimeo.  The whole idea is to really let you all walk away from the video a better tier.  Stay tuned.  

Also, again this year I will be tying at the Compleat Angler in Darien on March 31, 2012.  This is always a good time and a great turnout, hope to see you there and I will post the details on the events page once they are firmed up.

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