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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Playing Mr. Mom, New Digs, And Other Cool Stuff......

Dubbing Bags Measured In Ounces...
Been a little quiet this week, Fly Deals are sold out, and I haven't posted a new one yet as I am a bit behind.  My apologies, but the wife's in Vegas for the week on business, or so she says, you know how that goes, not a bad place for a business meeting eh?  I could think of a few hundred other places that run through some stellar watersheds that would be more my speed, but I guess that one wasn't up to me.  At any rate, this week is work and the girls, Tessa and Nora that is, my two energizer bunnies who are both closing in on the ages of 4 and 2, always keeping life interesting everyday.  Aside from that, I am officially in the hole on fly orders as I write this.  I am currently about halfway through a rather sizable dry fly order and then it's turn and burn on a pile of streamers, hence the bulk dubbing bags in the above picture.  Should be some fun going on there, pictures and posts to follow.
The New Nymph Stick Ready For Water
On another front, it was a busy weekend to say the least, I had two tying lessons that went well and both students are already well on their way to spinning up great patterns that are sure to catch fish.   It is always a pleasure to assist with others who are building quite the fly fishing and tying sickness; keep at it boys, it just keeps on getting better, stick with it and experiment, the rest will follow.   On the flip side, some new schwag showed up on the doorstep in the last week.  My new Sage ESN 10 foot 3 weight and Hatch Finatic 4 Plus to compliment.  If I had a few spare hours I would be out fishing with this set up this week, but it appears that this may very well not happen till next week once I catch up and things are back to normal.  I am very curious to see just how this set up stacks up to my personal favorite Echo Shadow PE.  Should be interesting to say the least.

New 4 Plus Finatic, Perfection. 
As usual, both Hatch and Sage have produced some really sweet looking products and the old adage I seemingly find myself saying will most likely ring true once again;  "You get what you pay for".  Time will tell on that front but so far I like what I see; nice on the eyes, light in hand and one heck of a nice action to the rod, should live up to the hype as Sage has never upset me in the past, nor has Hatch.
Hatch Never Disappoints
Lastly, two other things to talk about.  The first is you have probably noticed that my store is changing, and once again is a work in progress.  Over the next few weeks I will be transitioning my entire store front to the new Fly Store tab listed.  I am very happy with how the new store is turning out, and once I get the initial items and pictures done, I plan on adding a few deals to the deals page.  I will most likely be steering towards a mixed assortment of stoneflies as we are in the season for stonefly nymphs in various colors and sizes depending on water conditions.  Secondly,  I have just added a second Farmington Go To Patterns class at Upcountry.  It is slated for Saturday February 25 from 9-1 and will have a class limit of 8 people.  All deposits and reservations can be made directly through Upcountry, and more details are on the Events Tab.  I plan on getting out on the water again soon and will post any and all updates here and on the River reports tab.  Be well.

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