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Friday, January 27, 2012

Recent Orders, Big One's This Weekend, And General Musings

Recent Order Of Dries Heading To Southern Connecticut

Been a busy week to say the least, barreling through fly orders in an attempt to catch up so to speak.  Momma comes home tonight as my daughters would say, so life will assume some sense of normal again.  Although tying mixed orders of flies is a tedious task, I really enjoy tying selections of dry flies.  As you can see, one rather lucky customer will be all set for just about any major hatch in the Northeast this season.  Comparadun Emergers, Spinner Things, Shucked Up Emergers, R-F Caddis and Busted Stones to round out a nice eastern compliment.  All major hatches are covered in the pile above and will hopefully provide the owner some memorable and successful outings.

Staging Elk Hair For Comparadun Emergers

 Although they are an acquired skill, comparadun style hair wings are a lot of fun to tie and are effective patterns as you all know.  When I am tying them en-mass, I typically like to set up 6 to 12 hair stacker's at a time and then tie the number of hair wings I have prepped.  Although the big Fly Fishing Show is this weekend at Somerset, and I am a bit bummed that I won't be there to tie or visit with some of the friends that I have made across the country, I am also a bit relieved as the commute, preparation time and all that goes with it are a daunting task when you have to juggle little ones, work and everything else.  To all you out there going this weekend, have a safe trip and a good time, it's usually a great show packed with all kinds of great stuff.

A Close Look At A few Of The Flies Tied

If you've noticed I have re-entered the realm of social media albeit apprehensively.  I have put the fan page back up on Facebook and started a twitter account too, of which I plan on doing some cool updates during the season.  If you are a fan of my flies, videos, blog etc, and are on Facebook or Twitter, show your support by becoming a fan.  As the fan base grows, I plan on offering up some rewards so to speak, fly selections materials etc, so spread the word, grow the brand as it will be greatly appreciated.

A Few Spent Spools And Refuse In The Background Of The HMH From This Week.
On a final note, I have some more custom streamer orders in check to tie this week, and I am going to get the remainder of my patterns up on the new store front.  When that dust settles, I plan on putting together a couple of new tying videos as well as digging my heels in on the DVD project.  It will be a learning process, a lot of work but a lot of fun as well.  Good things on the horizon in 2012 for Catching-Shadows....

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