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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Sometimes You Have To Have A Backup Plan

 Sometimes when mother nature deals you a bad hand, it pays to have a backup plan, today was one of those days.  When I spoke to friend Dan Harrison at Harrison Anglers a few days ago, and our schedules matched up to do some fishing, we established "Plan A" as I would call it.  Mother nature thought otherwise, and Plan A was soon scrapped when our original destination was an iceberg and slush factory.  Overnight lows around zero changed things drastically, but having a tailwater fishery in our back pockets saved what could have been just a wasted tank of gas.
Not Bad For Below Freezing Fishing

Within the first hundred foot stretch on Dan's home water, I hooked that guy above and the day was saved.   What iced the cake so to speak was the fish came on one of my Shimmer Stones, a pattern that just continues to plain catch fish, and good ones for that matter.  It's nice to see a fly continually turn out quality fish from time to time, seemingly eluding that dreaded category of the "One Hit Wonder".

We are in that time of year when if the fish aren't eating small stuff, the temps are low, or the water is up a bit, golden stonefly nymphs can be staple patterns day in and day out.  One thing is certain, the weatherman was full s*@% so to speak as the reported high for the day was supposed to be 32, while our thermometers never went above 21.  As Dan would say, thank god the wind stayed down otherwise we probably would have bagged it,  as it was just plain bitter all day.  Another pot of moms  famous recipe beef barley soup hit the spot and recharged the batteries on an otherwise uncomfortable day.

On another note, a few months back I mentioned that my storefront situation with my fly patterns would be changing.  The first dozen patterns are now in place and eventually all  will be available through MyFlies.  I am still brainstorming other avenues to provide all of my patterns for purchase as my main site will only be up for another five or so months before I have to adjust things.  I am looking forward to this new partnership, and really appreciate all of the support in the last 2 years with the launch of my patterns to the general fishing public.  The number of success stories, fish photos and kind emails over the last few seasons have made it all more than worthwhile, and I thank each and everyone of you for your continued support.
Head Shot With Shimmer Stone Antennae Hanging Out His Gums

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