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Thursday, February 16, 2012

2012 To-Do List, H-A Snare Unveiled

So I have had some apprehensive customers recently.  I guess the thought of a 6-7 inch double jointed streamer induced some fear in the minds of some prospective buyers.  Questions like, "You throw that on a 6weight"?  Or, "That's an awfully big streamer", have been a few of the recurring statements.  If some of those people looked at what  my buddy Mike Schmidt is tying they might lose their minds.

So, whats a guy to do?  Well, offer up the same fly only pared down a bit.  So, without further adieu, I introduce to you the H-A Snare, the baby brother to ole Mr. Hog Snare himself.  What's the H-A stand for you ask?  Excuse me for the profanity, but it stands for Half Assed Hog Snare as this guy is a little more than half the size of his big brother.

The H-A Snare Available In The Fly Store
The H-A comes in all the same colors as his big brother and is now available in the fly store, take a peek if you are interested.  For you tiers, just drop the shank in the middle and you got the recipe, no heavy lifting here folks.   Enough on that, lets get to some other relevant junk.

So, it's that time of year for most anglers, you all know it well, go through your gear, weed out the beaten lines, rusted flies, patch the holes in your waders, replace those tattered laces in your boots, ready your new gear for the slowly approaching fishing season, heck, even tie or buy some new flies you've seen.

I fish year round, so I periodically do this on several occassions throughout the season as I am one of those types who batters gear.  If you don't fish all year round, you probably haven't done much of this yet, and will be doing so over the course of the next few weeks.
Gear, Never Enough And Always Room To Replace

  While cleaning up my stuff it's really hard not to get excited for what the season may bring.  Doing battle with that one that got away, fish a new locale, try something new or just  fine tune your skills, and each and every year the technology keeps getting better, new and exciting products are out there for all of us to tinker with so to speak.

Here is my list of things to do, buy or play with this season in no particular order.

1.  Fish more.  I have already begun to do so since I stepped away from guiding for a while.
2.  Add the 7 weight Scott S4s to the 6,8, and 9 weight's that I already own.  Hands down, the best streamer/big fly rod I have ever thrown.  I have turned several clients and friends on to this stick and it is worth every penny.
3.  Add a couple of new lines to my streamer outfits.  The first of which is the new Streamer Max Line by Airflo.  The length and grain weights intrigue me, and Airflo has put out some good lines over the years.  I will say this though, I got away from their sinking lines as the connections from running line to sinking line habitually broke.  Hopefully they figured this out and fixed the problem.  More on that at a later date.
4.  Continue to fish my switch rods more frequently.  I plan on bringing my switch rod skills to a new level this year and fishing them about 75% of the time.  I spent the entire fall fishing with my 2 handers and I really enjoyed myself.  I plan on doing so in the salt this year too,  see 5...
5.  Get back in the saltwater and use the switch rod off the beaches and in the surf.  With that in mind, aside from my Rio Skagit Flight Heads and Mow Tips I plan on fishing with the new Airflo Sniper Line.  Although I am not by any means a saltwater expert, I will say this, out of all the lines that I have used, the Airflo Ridge and 40+ Saltwater fly lines are the nicest  and the least likely to tangle.  If you fish the salt on foot, you probably know all too well about line tangle, its a bitch, and can ruin even the best of days.
6.  Get back into fishing at night hardcore again.  As you all may or may not know, I have a penchant for night fishing.  This past year, it never really materialized, this year I plan on changing that.
7.  Take my dad fishing again, and get my 4 year old daughter her first fly rod caught trout.  Self explanatory.

Night Time Hog Chasing, More Of This In 2012

These are some things I plan on doing or adding to the list this year, hopefully I get around to most of it.  Oh and by the way to those of you who have found my humor, I'm not quitting my day job :).

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