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Monday, February 27, 2012

Catching-Shadows Flies In the News, And February's Tying Video

Let me first start by saying, I am happy that this month has almost come to an end.  Between people in my house being sick, work being crazy and a rather hectic 8 weeks of tying orders, it will be nice to ring in March later this week and hopefully get out and do some fishing myself.  Speaking of fishing, friendly neighbor Zack just got home from some Steelhead action on the Salmon River in New York.  Zack has been over a couple of times cutting his teeth in the realm of fly tying, and I must say his flies are coming along nicely.  Zack shot this picture over the weekend of a nice Steelhead that he hooked and landed on A Shimmer Stone that he tied himself.  Keep up the good work Zack, I told you persistence and practice would pay off. I guess the fishing was good despite the bitter cold.

Shimmer Stone Eating Steelhead

On a side note, I finally managed to get around to loading up a new tying video for all of you my faithful followers.  This is a rather timely pattern that should have some use in the weeks to come.  The Quill Bodied BWO Dun is a really simply and effective fly that should be in every one's dry fly box.   This pattern like most that I tie can be altered in size and color to cover an assortment of mayfly emergence's.  Tie some up and hang on.  Stay tuned for another cool video later this week for you "Swingers".

Click The Photo To Watch The Video

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