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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Crazy Week, Some Fly Order Pictures And Karma

Aside from being stuck in bed with the stomach virus, go figure on my days off, I managed to wrap up a few mixed orders of flies.  Some cool new gear filtered in with the fly orders, a couple of new Airflo lines for the fresh and saltwater trips, as well as a couple of new projects that I have to get cracking on.  One of these is already full speed ahead and underway, the other of which I have to get cracking on ASAP!  Here are a few photos from this weeks fly tying ventures.

Ice Picks, Articulated Ice Picks, H-A Snares,Meat Helmets, Shucked Up Emergers, R-F Caddis, Classified Caddis and Rich's Winter Stones
No fishing unfortunately, been hit with some bad luck on the days off for the last 3 weeks.  Hopefully the words of encouragement from my buddy  earlier this week will ring true,  I think it went something like "That is a few trips in a row that something has come up for you.  Karma says you should lay the smack down when you get out next".   You can bet your ass when I get out there I am gonna try and make good on that one......

Mopheads, Dirt Darts, Hog Snares, Articulated Ice Picks and Meat Helmet Sculpins

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