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Monday, February 6, 2012

Sage ESN 3 Weight, Fishing Is Good, Stoneflies Are Bountiful

I was lucky enough to get some time on the water today.  With the unseasonable weather, the byproduct has been exceptional fishing for February.  Having the day off,  I ventured out and gave the new Sage ESN 3 weight and Hatch 4 Plus Finatic I posted a few weeks back a trial run.  I won't bore you with technical jargon, but for what it's worth, the rod is very nice.  I fished entirely with a coil today and the rod was spot on with casting and presentation.  Although there were no real bruisers in the mix, I think the top end fish was right at the 17 inch mark, the rod played them with ease.  So far I really like the action of the rod, and the way that it rebounds from a cast is second to none.  I can honestly say that I think I have found the rod that I will be fishing weighted nymphs most this year.

Micro Brown Stone Eating Rainbow Trout

All fish were taken  today on my Micro Stone in shades of brown or black.  There were several stones hatching today, fluttering across the surface.  A skated stone imitation would have worked well as I witnessed several boils on the river while I was fishing.  If I had a few of my 2-Fly-Dries in brown and black with me today, I would've definitely skated some as the fish were having a field day on the adults in certain areas of the river.    Although I didn't take many pictures today as I was thoroughly enjoying the nice weather, I did snap a few of some of the pretty little fish that I managed to bring to hand.  

Couple Dozen Of Browns In This Size Class Today

The fishing was so good, that I knocked off early today.  This is a rare occasion this time of year so I didn't want to take the day for granted.  I arrived home at a reasonable hour, whipped up a nice Grilled Shrimp Caesar Salad with homemade Caesar dressing and enjoyed it with the girls in my life,  and now off to catching up with my fly orders.  For all of you in the class from this weekend, I will have that materials list compiled by weeks end.  For now its back to the tying bench to keep on top of things.  I am waiting on a rather large shipment of hooks to complete some of my pending streamer orders I received last week, hope to be back on track by weeks end there too and will post some of the orders I have in the works.

Flawless Little Browns

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