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Saturday, February 4, 2012

Scenes From Todays Fly Tying Class

I'll keep it short and sweet, although we only tied 3 patterns, the class as a whole was packed with useful information in regards to constructing sound articulated streamers.  I had intentions of teaching 4-6 patterns today, but the numbers of questions in regards to these style of flies construction were bountiful but more than necessary.  Tying large flies is one thing, teaching them is another, and time flies by quickly while doing so.  Aside from talking about the flies themselves, we also covered all types of related fishing situations, terminal tackle and gear and just about anything else related to these flies.

View Of The Class
Aside from a few of my own patterns, I decided to kick the class off right by beginning with a fly from a guy who is synonymous with articulated streamers.  Good friend, and top shelf fly dresser Mike Schmidt is known for his articulated concoctions.  Mike is the owner of Anglers Choice Flies, his personally owned business where he sells his flies and other fishing related items.  Take a peak at his site when you get a chance and you'll soon find out that his patterns are outside the box  and are continually seen hanging out of the mouths of trophy fish from all over the globe.  Mike has a few patterns that are in my "Streamer Rotation" as I like to call it. One of them, is currently in my top 6 favorite articulated streamers.  Mike's Red Rocket as it's called, is a fly that belongs in any serious streamer fisherman's fly box.  I Kicked the class off with this particular pattern, and the rest was history.

The View From My Vise
 Although I personally would have liked to have covered a few more patterns, the tools and techniques that are pivotal in creating solid articulated streamers was covered.  Hope to see some more of the guys from this group again, as they all produced some quality articulated flies.  Good job guys, enjoy the rest of the pictures.   A big thank you to all that attended, I hope you had as much fun as I did.

A Finished Articulated Ice Pick

Mikes Red Rocket Hanging Out

A Hog Snare Flanked By A Rocket

From Double Points To Single, The Fare From Today

All flies in the photos are from todays students, great job.

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