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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Streamers, Nymphs And Customer Reports.

It's been a little quiet over here on my end this week, mostly because I have a full plate once again (seemingly this is a recurring theme in my life).  I won't bore you with the non-fishing related stuff, so I'll show you a few of the orders that were completed this week.  CS Flies are heading to a few lucky customers in Connecticut,  Texas, and Pennsylvania.

Mixed Selection of Single Streamers Headed To A Prospective Streamer Convert
Looks like we are going to get some snow for a change.  It's amazing the difference in weather patterns from year to year.  If I remember correctly, I think I had about four feet of snow on the ground in my front yard around this time last year.  Right now, the grass is showing, well, until tomorrow morning that is.

An Order Of Mixed Nymphs And A Few Mopheads
As a result of the mild weather, aside from fishing myself, some local fly customers have reported back with continual success with the Micro Stones in black and brown.  Another order of these little morsels will be spun up tomorrow and in the mail for Monday.  Aside from that, the juvenile trout colored Articulated Ice Picks created a buzz last week, and I had a handful of orders come in looking for more of the same.  As a result, I added the color combos to the fly store and have received some orders of them as a result.   Enjoy the pictures, these orders were a lot of fun to piece together.

Meat Helmets And Articulated Brown & Rainbow Trout Ice Picks Headed To Texas

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