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Friday, March 23, 2012

The Brown Trout Streak Continues, Getting Jiggy With It

I'll keep the post brief again, I am off to a great start in 2012, it's nice to fish again.  Even though I get out about once a week on average these days, which is great considering everything else I have on my plate, I have no complaints with fish like this.  I guess you don't need to fish 200 + days a year to catch nice fish, boy was I wrong when I was younger.  This guy is to date, my largest river brown so far in 2012,  made my day to say the least, and I'll let you all ponder the dimensions.
Here Fishy Fishy

This fish was worth the price of admission, but the one that opened up the jig hook on my streamer prior to this guy would have been even better.  For real, 1/0 Gamakatsu jig 90 hook , bent  open, I should have kept the fly to show you all, but I ended up straightening it out and fishing it some more before losing it later.  Nothing like sticking fish on streamers, probably hands down my favorite way to fish.   Jig style streamers are as I've stated in the past a very overlooked method for trout.  Floating lines, longer heavy leaders and down and dirty, sometimes you never what you'll drum up from the depths.

Fished two rivers today, all with streamers in various sizes and configurations.  I hammered out a pile of smallmouth on tan and yellow Hog Snares today which was cool.  While sticking those bronzebacks, I actually saw thousands of stones, olives and believe it or not a couple of Hendricksons.  In March I know, it's crazy.
Slotted Tungsten Beads, Key Ingredient In Jig Nymphs

Speaking of jigs, I recieved my shipment of materials from Kevin over at Performance Flies  to get cracking on those promised weighted jig nymphs videos  I promised.  Looking like a series of conventional conversions and some different jigs that are just plain fish catchers.  Should have the first video up in the next week or so, but then again, I did promise a couple of fly deals, sorry bout that but I just can't seem to catch up on orders.  I think I may have to change my thought process on that.....

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